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It all started in 2016. Seconds away from a brush of death due to a transport truck, I suddenly knew I wanted to be more.

It also made me realize that I was my biggest obstacle to my success. I decided to make some hard changes and turned to personal development books instead of Netflix, whole, clean foods instead of dieting and placed my focus on learning from the best in Online Marketing, Personal Story Power, and High Performance.

It wasn't perfect or easy. I was still working my regular full time job as an RN and raising our busy toddler while I was doing a complete overhaul on my life.

Within two short years, I was able to release over 100 lbs of excess weight and build my business into a six-figure online speaking, writing, and coaching success...right from my kitchen table.

I've created multiple courses for online entrepreneurs (which you can find on my site), and I'm an inspirational author and a keynote speaker where I've been blessed to be on stages all over the world.

I will help you gain an online presence, so that potential customers take notice fast!

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