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It all started in 2016. Seconds away from a brush of death due to a transport truck, I suddenly knew things needed to change.

On paper I had the perfect life. A wonderful marriage, amazing son, beautiful house, profitable side hustle with a fitness business, and I had worked my way to the top as an RN Nurse Educator in my career. But, I knew something bigger was calling me.

That day I was driving distracted, as I was upset from a family conflict. It was a wake up call that the truck missed me and I needed to get really clear about what I was doing here on this earth. I decided to make some hard changes and turned to personal development books instead of Netflix, and placed my focus on learning from the best in Online Marketing (Mel Abraham), Personal Story Power (Bo Eason), and High Performance (Brendon Burchard).

It's my passion to teach you how to get clear on your message, transition when things aren't working, be visible both online and offline, and always share where the content and digital marketing space is headed. My team and I will help you gain an online and offline presence, so that potential customers take notice fast!

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