How to Reclaim Your Happiness and Health

Posted Aug 19th, 2016 in Blog

How to Reclaim Your Happiness and Health

This past week kicked my butt.

Long work days as an RN took a toll physically and mentally, competing demands with my Beachbody, Quick Fitness, and Quick Fitness for Seniors business made me question my choices in life, renovations that took two weeks longer than plan and a few hundred dollars over budget knocked the wind out of me, and comforting my toddler who has his first real cold made my already long days, longer.

I lived a life this week that I would never recommend to my clients. It including take-out, wine, sneakily eating the left over Easter chocolate when no one was looking, and missing a workout.

It was really easy to throw my hands up in the air this week and get frustrated, but in a way I am thankful.

It grounds me. It reminds me that I'm human and relate-able and real.

I'm not a fitness celebrity that has a dog walker, a nanny, a chef, and a maid.

I'm first and foremost a mom, a wife, a friend, a business owner, and an RN.

Some weeks I share the same struggles that you do, and some weeks I need to erase the slate and start fresh.

I was trucking along this week, trying to keep my head high and work hard, but then a statement came out of my own mouth that stopped me dead in my tracks. I said to my husband,

"I don't even want to workout today and I definitely don't want to teach my classes."

Those words NEVER, I mean NEVER come out of my mouth.

The tagline to my business is "The Best Minutes of Your Day," and I truly believe with my whole heart and soul in those words.

Those ARE the very best minutes of mine and my client's days, and I never want to miss a workout.

I knew I was heading down the road to burnout and I needed to turn around fast.
This weekend I gave myself permission to do three things.

1. I gave myself permission to be human. Not super mom, not super woman, not super nurse, not super dog-whisperer. It's impossible to be all things at all times to all people.

I re-evaluated deadlines. Where they really as urgent as I imagined, or did I put that undue pressure on myself? What's the worst case scenario if I didn't get this task finished?

I'm pretty sure no one died by me writing this blog a few days later or the laundry not being folded.

2. I gave myself permission to relax. Relaxing isn't being lazy.

Sometimes our bodies and minds need to shut off so we can dream big and continue to push the limits in our workouts.

Sometimes we need to step back, look at the very things right before our eyes and truly be thankful. Is there a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, and most importantly love in my home? Yes, yes there is.

3. I gave myself permission to enjoy my workouts. I am an extremely hard worker and very goal oriented, but I allowed myself to slow down, breathe deep, and take the low impact options offered on my DVD's.

It felt good. I honored the way my body moved; Post c-section tummy and all. This body did give me the best gift I could ever ask for in life.

Even if you aren't a mother, it's pretty amazing when you think of all the things your body has done and the places your legs have taken you.

There's only three rules I have when you take a class in my studio. They are breathe, smile, and move; but this weekend I simplified the rules.

Breathe, smile, and slow down!

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