Macros ROCK. The Scale Sucks. Be Happy!

Posted Aug 29th, 2016 in Blog

Macros ROCK. The Scale Sucks. Be Happy!

These were the three things I learned while on my vacation this past week in the beautiful lakes of Muskoka.

Macros ROCK and have changed my LIFE.

The scale is totally stupid, that's why I didn't bring it.

And most importantly, no matter what, just be happy.

I also learned that I have an unhealthy addiction to technology and it took me 5 out of 7 days to fully UNPLUG and be PRESENT with my family 100%.

That's a problem.

In a world where we feel so connected with strangers, yet disconnected with the ones we love, it's time for an intervention.

Other than the occasional video of a cute puppy, technology doesn't really make me happy.

Being with my family, made me happy!

I haven't blogged in over a week, but instead of going into my "I need to preform, perfect, and persuade everyone to like me by getting SHIT DONE yesterday,"

I decided to take my time unpacking, played with my son and husband in the backyard, went to the annual Peach Festival, read a book, and sipped some tea on our patio under the lights.

It was beautiful, simple time spent, PRESENT, with the ones I love.

The emails, messages, and updates were all there this morning and no one died in the process because I didn't answer them!

So back to my three points.

Macros have changed my life because I was still able to drink wine, eat fire pit pizza, enjoy a s'more or two by the fire and my measurements didn't change ONE BIT.

Now I'm not saying that during my bikini competition prep (which I'm 6 weeks in) it's acceptable to do this.

It's just what I CHOSE to do, and I'm completely OK with the results.

I surely wasn't making any GAINS this past week, but it allowed me to enjoy some balance between going after my goals, and enjoying the simple things in life.

Like WINE. I love WINE. Forever and ever. Especially on a screened in porch by the lake lit by candlelight.

I just planned to eat a bit lower carb that day and moved on.

It's Monday and I'm back on the plan. Goodbye wine.

The scale-- I didn't even bring it.

On this plan I have to weight myself AM and PM, but I didn't want that added pressure of seeing my weight go up.

Wine. Pizza.. S'mores. I knew it would.

But sadly, I knew more the impact that number would have on me.

Sometimes that number does make me feel a certain way.

Even though it should not, and I know better.

I accept that I suck at letting that number go, so I just completely got rid of the shame and guilt for that week, and decided to just OWN my decisions.

Today, I weighted myself, tracked my macros, hit leg day at the gym, answered all my emails, educated my nurses for work, hopped on a few calls for business...

.....and I've jumped back into the GRIND as usual.

Rest, relaxation, and being in tune with WHO you are and WHAT you stand for is essential to be able to COME BACK and GRIND everyday.

You can't be 100% ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.

My choices may have been different from someone else last week, but other competitors aren't in my shoes.

I own my sparkly clear heels and I will be proud to step in them on my own terms.

But now that I'm back. It's game time!

Day 49 of 168.. DONE!

* I'm just a mom, wife, nurse, trainer, and HUSTLER who decided to follow my dream of being a bikini competitor while helping others KICK ASS with their health, finances, and happiness. Dreams are more fun to pursue when you're doing it with others!*

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