Don't Close Your Own Doors

Posted Oct 11th, 2016 in Confidence

Don't Close Your Own Doors

About a month ago, I wanted to quit.

Quit my job.

Quit teaching group fitness classes.

Quit training for my bikini competition.

Heck-- One of my best time management principles that I teach people is that it's OK to QUIT.

But you have to make sure that if you're quitting, it's for the right reasons.

You see, many people are going to try to close the door to your success.

Many people are going to actually SLAM the door in your face to success, 

SO why self-sabotage?

We have many people who are willing to do that for us, so why do it to ourselves?

I wanted to quit my job, because I had a week where some nursing staff that I teach were exceptionally rude.

I wanted to quit teaching group fitness because I was getting tired.

I wanted to quit training for my bikini competition because my old coach made me feel like a complete loser when I was hitting a mental wall.

Outside influences aren't always positive, that's why instead of building a wall to shut them out, we must amplify our inner strength.

But in order to self-sabotage, we have to first begin.

Some people aren't even there yet.

I don't want you to self-sabotage, but if you are, take a look back and realize you actually DID begin!

You have to get momentum before you can wreck it.

That's one step ahead of others...

Because you know what other people have in store for your life...

Not a whole lot.

So you have to get behind the drivers seat and GO!

What do YOU WANT?

What door do you not only want to open, but CRASH THOUGH saying "I'm HEERREEEE!"

I decided to kill those nasty nurses with kindness, because that's who I am.

I decided to rest and recharge the past two weekends, so I can begin to LOVE what I do again.

I decided to get a new coach, one who is supportive, professional, and meets me where I'm at.

It's not that my co-workers or old coach are bad people, or even that I shouldn't be teaching my classes,

I had to find the strength in me to continue.

I had to open the door.

I had to get clear about what I want.

I had to look in the mirror every day and know that my dreams and plans are worth it.

And the only person who could knock on the door of opportunity is me.

Who knew that by deciding to enter into a bikini competition, I'd gain so much knowledge in my own nutrition.

And now I get to pay that forward and teach other women.

Who knew I'd gain so much FIRE and STRENGTH in myself?

Amazing things happen when you try something new.

You sure you don't want to open Door Number One?

You never know where it will lead you.

* To Register for my Macros, Muscles, and Mindfulness Program, please contact me, with the subject line-- I'm Ready To Open This Door!*

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