Does Your Schedule Give You Freedom To or Freedom From?

Posted Oct 17th, 2016 in Owning Your Choices

Does Your Schedule Give You Freedom To or Freedom From?

It's a typical Monday morning, and as always, everyone politely asked how my weekend went.

The usual Monday morning small talk.

But I've found myself lately saying, "It was AWESOME" on those weekends where we do...... not a whole lot.

We watched movies, cooked and prepped healthy meals,

Spent lots of time outside at the park, got in a run, painted and crafted, slept in,

AND I did a little bit of mentoring of my clients and team.

But the reason why my weekend was so awesome, was because it was spent with the people I love, doing things when I wanted to, how I wanted to it!

That's freedom.

Freedom to work when I want.

Freedom to stop everything and run to the park when my almost 3 year old begs to go down the slides.

Freedom to go out and buy crafts and organic food to fuel my family's soul, physically and mentally.

But more importantly, freedom from doubt, suffering, loneliness, overwhelm, stress, and pain.

Regret and Repel are great motivators.

You see, I spent many years trapped in a career that didn't serve me. Working shifts that took a toll on my health.

I lived many years trapped in a mental cell of bitterness, regret, hurt, and blame for everyone who broke my heart, every friend who did me wrong, and every bully that made me feel less of myself.

And I lived many years trapped with a limiting belief that I was unworthy of love and incapable of giving love as a mom.

But when I hit 34, and my baby was no longer a baby, I had an epiphany.

An epiphany about RESPECT.

Isn't that one of the very first things we teach our children?

To respect our toys and things, respect other people's things, respect our elders, respect others personal space.... to name a few.

So why wasn't I respecting my TIME in the same fashion?

Things come and go, but time does not.

Over the past year, I started leaning out my schedule and protecting my time.

I started building in white space to be creative and think.

Red space to get my blood pumping and confidence flowing with exercise.

Pink space for love, date nights, and family trips.

Green space for business and work.

And bright yellow space for travel and rest because that fills my cup.

If you ever looked at my planner, you will see it's color coded as such.

Now, I'm not saying that you need to color code your life, but you do need to prioritize what's important to you.

You need to respect your boundaries, your health, and your well being and start living the life YOU have dreamed.

It's an incredibly empowering feeling when you realize that you really are in charge of your life.

You really, really....ARE.

I own my time, and I've created a daily, weekly, and monthly routine that has meaning.

That's why it's so SIMPLE for me to say NO, all the time, without GUILT,

And do the things I want to do.

In talking about my past weekend, I like to tell stories about how I felt, not what I did,

Because that warm feeling inside my heart of watching my son nap on the couch with his innocent little face,

Or the joy I felt hearing his laugh going down the slides,

Those are the memories that will last in my mind when I'm old and grey.

I want you to have that too.

So I've been diligently working over the past few months at this new brand, and I've created something special around time management.

It's time for you to have freedom, to own your time, and to create a meaningful routine.

I'm cooking up something this week, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to tell your friends!!!

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