3 Ways to Say NO and Feel GOOD about IT!

Posted Jan 13th, 2017 in Testimonials, Owning Your Choices

3 Ways to Say NO and Feel GOOD about IT!

My plate is so full, my plate is so full, I am so overwhelmed.........

Don't make eye contact, don't do it.....




Why is it that we KNOW we don't want to get roped into something, yet the words "YES" goop out of our mouth faster than saliva on a St. Bernard?

We need to take back our control.

That's what I do as an Empowered EntreprenHER.

Whether it's home, family, relationships, friends, work, I get to define the story of my day and own my time.

Perhaps it's time you did the same?

But here's the 3 things I needed to understand to be able to maximize my time:

1. Your EGO is not your AMIGO.

THE---I can do it faster, better, stronger so I might as well just do it myself-- MENTALITY is actually a short term strategy for long term crazy.

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get a different result?

Cleaning up dirty laundry, replacing the toilet paper, making the teenage kids breakfast, taking the lead on a work project.......ALL. THE. TIME.


Just as you want to live empowered, so do your peers.

Stop creating a false sense of importance by doing it all.

Others are capable.

You may just have to guide them a time or two.

And who knows, maybe someone else WILL do it better than you!

Different perspective is a good thing!

2. People Really Don't Care As Much As You Think

I can't tell you how many times I've said to myself, "Well I can't cancel this call or appointment now, I said I would be there."

Or "She is going to be SO MAD if I don't show up!"

When in reality people are pretty reasonable.

Some days you don't feel well, other days you have to prioritize, and sometimes incredible opportunities present and you have to re-adjust. Honestly, I don't want any friends or family in my circle that can't understand shit happens from time to time.

OR that something INCREDIBLE has presented and that you'd love their support.

This is YOUR life, your dreams, your plans---Communicate honestly with others, but most people will understand.

3. Let go of the ASKHOLES.

You know those people who ask you a question that takes 5 seconds to answer. You know there is this little thing called GOOGLE.

What's the phone number of that place? What does that mean? How do I do that? HELP ME.


Since when did we live in this entitled age that people think you owe them all of your time, money, energy, and resources 24/7?

In this day an age, there is probably a you tube video, Instagram photo, and Pintrest board devoted to whatever the hell it is you are looking for. Before you ask a question, try to find the answer first.

Have you ever had that wonderful moment when you wait to answer, only to find out that a few hours later that DIRE EMERGENCY was figured out on it's own?

That's a beautiful moment.

So before you go saying YES to everyone and start putting out fires, hit the pause button.

Stop and think, do I need to own this?

Most times, you really don't.

If you need more help in this area, check out my newly updated 7 Day Maximize Your Time Planner and Online Course!

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