The Super Mom MYTH

Posted Jan 14th, 2017 in Blog, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The Super Mom MYTH

Super mom (n) A woman who raises a child, takes care of a home, and works a full time job.

Aka-- a sometimes guilt stricken, dry shampoo wearing, hot mess, that can change from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde at any given second.

How do I know her so well?

Because for the last year, I've tried to BE her.

And I've failed.

Sometimes miserably.

I can remember vividly a few months ago, as Oliver was flinging around his yogurt at the table,

Eric and I were having an argument over who needed more time for our businesses,

And the cat just puked all over the carpet and Oliver then went and ran it in.....

I looked up at the ceiling, tears streaming, and said,


It was almost a moment of RELEASE.

But that's just it.

We don't share our struggles openly on social media platforms, mom's groups, and get together with friends,

Because most people either want to offer you advice,

Or go straight for the jugular.

And I don't know about you, but others advice made me feel like everyone else had it figured out but me,

And the judgement often left me feeling like I SUCK as a parent.

But there's no medal in this thing called parenting.

So toss out the yardstick.

When I realized that the term super mom is really a NOUN, not a VERB, my whole life changed.

I don't have to BE super mom.

I don't have to do it all right.

I don't have to be perfect.

But I do have to create super mom MOMENTS in our family.

Things like hugging my son deeper and stronger with every interaction.

Being fully present with bed time, reading stories, or doing fun crafts throughout the day,

Saying no confidently, so as a family we aren't rushing from one event to the next.

Taking care of my own health and setting a positive example.

Loving my husband and communicating openly.

These are the things that matter.

Start one-upping your level of love and engagement even in the midst of CHAOS.

And drop the yardstick.

What are your super mom moments?

Comment below!

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