Why You're Really Failing At Your Resolutions

Posted Jan 15th, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

Why You're Really Failing At Your Resolutions

Forget New Years Resolutions.....

Make a Change Today!

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We've seen it all.

And we want change.

Yet how come so few of us make it,

Or many of us fall off the rails when we do?

It's not that you are unmotivated, lazy, or that you make excuses,

It's that you haven't maximized your time.

You haven't made yourself a necessity.

As a trainer in health and fitness, I had it all wrong.

Which is why in my new brand the Empowered EntrenprenHER, the first thing I teach is Time Management.

I know, getting better time management skills isn't as sexy a tag line as "Lose 10lbs in 2 weeks,"

But no matter what program you buy, if you don't make the time to do it, you won't see the results.

You want to rock your health and fitness goals, be more productive and less stressed, and make more money.. here's what I suggest:

1. Get to the root of why you're not making yourself a priority.

Do you feel guilty about taking time and money for yourself?

Are you being reactive instead of being proactive with how you carry out your to-do's?

Once you've found the answer, consider the alternative.

You may feel mom guilt about taking 30 minutes to exercise, but if you did exercise, how much cooler and calmer of a mom could you be?

What happens when you don't exercise? How does you day go? How do you feel?

If money is the issue, can you find a FREE alternative?

Most time I find that it's not the WHAT that holds you back, it's the WHY.

2. Decide to live life without regrets.

As much as the end result can be a motivator----picturing yourself in your bikini on the beach or having to buy smaller clothing-- regret can also be a powerful motivator.

How are you going to feel on vacation when you won't get in pictures with your kids or you won't take your tank top off at the beach?

Master your time and you live a happier, more present life.

3. If you don't change, nothing will change.

As an Empowered EntreprenHER, you learn to take control of your life,

Because when you leave your to-do's to someone else, they have their agendas and needs at the top of your list.

Your email, social media posts, voicemails; They are others people's wants and needs.

What are your wants and needs? And have you stopped to put the time and attention to those first?

Refusing to care for your needs first isn't honorable, it's disrespectful and destructive.

You are denying yourself of a happier, healthier, more joyful life and time is a limited resource.

Isn't it time to make a change?

How long can you handle feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed?

Can you keep going at this rate?

To learn how to put your needs FIRST and NOT Feel Guilty, click here to get started with my 7 Day Maximize your Time PDF and Online Course. I'd love to help you become an Empowered EntreprenHER!

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