3 Lessons I Learned From Speaking Live on Television

Posted Jan 31st, 2017 in Blog, Confidence, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

3 Lessons I Learned From Speaking Live on Television

Growing up, I seemed to be a happy kid.

But what happened behind four walls stayed behind four walls.

For some reason in our society, it's not acceptable to have black and blue marks on our body.

No one would ever fault you from walking away from a physical abuser,

But it is acceptable when those marks can't be seen.

What about when the black and blue marks are in your mind, your heart, and your soul?

Emotional abuse gets a bad wrap.

"You're too sensitive."

"Families say those kinds of things because they want what is best for you- it's tough love."

"It's your parents, respect them, before it's too late."

Fat, Dumb, Heartless, and a Liar--THOSE are words that hurt.

And with continual use, they bruise.

I learned how to smile through it because in order to be loved, I had to make sure that I wasn't the one making waves.

"They know what's best for you. You should listen."

So I did.

And with the constant replay in my head, I became a people pleaser and relentless perfectionist.

Going on Television, at first, seemed completely out of the question.

I'm fat, dumb, and a liar.. Who would listen to me?

I was completely comfortable staying in my own little bubble, behind my own closed doors and screen,

Where no one could criticize me.

But here's what I learned about going on TV, and why now, it's probably the thing I look forward to the most in my brand.

1. No one REALLY knows you for ANYTHING.

So what that I was overweight as a kid, and yo yo'ed as as an adult with my weight,

Until I mastered my Macros, Muscles, and Mindfulness Plan.

So what that I was bullied as a kid, in college, and in my nursing profession.

I get to tell the parts of my story that I want to tell,

And so do you, in any way that you like.

Instead of asking myself, "Why did this happen to me?" I started asking,

"Why did this happen FOR me?"

I realized that it happened so I could break the mould.

It happened so I could have compassion as a mom and wife, nurse and coach,

And develop a sense of empathy that is SO STRONG.

That empathy fosters amazing, true, real, deep relationships in my life.

 I am the kind of coach who wants to know ALL about you, not just sell you my product.

If I was never shown such ignorance and hate, I would never know exactly what I don't want to be in this world.

And that makes me better at what I do.

So when I go on TV, in front of a gazillion people who don't know me, I stand tall and proud,

With the collection of stories and teachings that I want to tell because no one knows anything different.

2. It's totally AWESOME to MESS UP!

It never fails that my "speech" my "teachings" my "flow" of the segment, goes absolutely nothing to plan.

In order for it to be natural, I have to be just that.

Present 100%, engaged with the TV host, and willing to let myself speak off the fly.

99.9% of the time, I have NO CLUE what he or she is going to ask me next.

But I believe in my ability to be myself--That's confidence.

And if that comes with a few, "Umms.. or Ahhs.." or uncomfortable pauses until I collect my thoughts, then that's awesome!


All that matters is how I show up that day, that I do MY very best, and that I have fun with it.

This approach has never failed me yet!

3. Never underestimate YOUR ability to change the world.

We are all experts of something. We've all mastered or have overcome something difficult.

You, Yes, YOU!

Heck, we may even have some weird talent, or crazy good life hack we can share.

Too many people are playing WAY to small in the world.

I'm not saying everyone has to go on TV (although it is pretty freaking COOL!),

But we all have to be willing to share our talents more!

That's the beauty of the internet and social media.

You can share how you soothed your colicky baby, used your iphone to remind you do something or be something,

Nailed a presentation or interview, cooked a killer healthy meal on a budget, decorated a table for a holiday,

Coupon-ed like a BOSS, or your review on the latest wine or kids TV show (because they usually go hand in hand.)

Somebody NEEDS YOU.

Don't ever doubt that for a second.

I'm blessed that I've hustled enough in my brand, and studied to crush and own those credentials,

That I was asked to be an Expert Fitness and Nutrition Host on TV,

But no matter what,

I never forget that no one really knows me, it's totally OK to mess up, and that I have the ability to change the world,

.....Just by having the courage..... to GO!

Where can you be more courageous in your life?

What message/talent would you spread?

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