CRAP! You NEED to know this if you eat SUSHI!

Posted Feb 3rd, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

CRAP! You NEED to know this if you eat SUSHI!

I'm going for dinner tomorrow night with my health and fitness teammates,

And being the macro ninja, sushi lover that I am,

I checked out the all you can eat menu of the place we picked.

I LOVE sushi,

And I've already made the switch to mostly sashimi or hand rolls with cucumber or avocado for healthier options,

But in doing the nerdy research that I do, 

I found a shocking discovery.

There is no such thing as White Tuna.

Wait. What?

I thought it was tuna and it's white.

It tastes buttery and it's high in omega 3,

What the problem?

The problem is that white tuna doesn't exist.

Albacore tuna (light pink) and yellow fin tuna (dark red) exist.

White tuna is actually escolar.

Escolar is a type of snake mackerel (that just sounds wrong?!?) that cannot metabolize the wax esters called gempllotoxin

(Again I don't like that!) naturally found in its diet.

Being the inflammation ninja that I've been lately, this doesn't sound good.

Turns out consuming over 6oz of escolar causes gastointestinal symptoms.

So much that "white tuna" aka escolar is banned for consumption in Japan and Italy.

You ready for this next bomb?

Consumption of escolar causes explosive, oily, orange diarrhea.

Wait. WHAT?

People have reported that the discharges are often difficult to control and accidents can happen while passing gas.

You're welcome for that visual.

Looks like it will be ALL salmon sashimi for me!

Lastly, it's noted that over 77% of grocery store sushi is mislabeled,

So good luck knowing what the heck we are eating there.

Don't do it.

Stick to what you know.

Your tummy thanks you!

*If you want to know more about what to eat and what not to eat, check out my Macros, Muscles, and Mindfulness Program click HERE*

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