When Heart and Hustle Collide

Posted Feb 21st, 2017 in Confidence, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

When Heart and Hustle Collide

"Are you ready for a show?

The show is starting,

Are you ready?"

Those were the words uttered from my super social 3-year old,

While he was standing on stage and talking to the other mom's and dads in the crowd.

We were visiting the Children's Museum in Quebec,

One last stop before our 6 hour ride home,

To let our little man be creative, use his imagination, and play,

But I couldn't help by realize how much this pint size little lover of life,

Who holds a dinosaur sized space of love in my heart,

Teaches me so many lessons.

He was smiling, and laughing, and twirling, and talking to the people in the crowd,

And to be honest, I think he kinda forgot that we were even there.

You see, that's the most beautiful thing to watch.

When your heart takes over.

Not your head---

Worrying about if you're doing it right,

Worrying who's watching,

Who's ready.

Worrying, worrying, worrying.

Looking for your safety net and security.

When you learn to look past that net.

Do you even need it?

I'm all about the hustle.

I believe that's what has helped me get this far in life,

As a mom, wife, nurse, trainer, entreprenHER, published author, and speaker,

But if I want to get to that next level,

Something tells me that I have to start leading more with my heart.

I have to start doing what FEELS right to me,

Even if the world isn't ready.

Even if I feel I'm not ready.

Because when are you ever READY?

It's your life, and you get to decide when you want to be the star of the show, or not.

But no matter what you choose, lead with your heart.

Love a little bit deeper.

Live a little bit bolder.

Embrace change and struggle-

Feel it, learn from it.

Fall on your face, and taste the dirt to know that you've stretched your limits and you're strong because you got back up.


Feel the fire in your gut.

Celebrate with the people you love,

Even the smallest of things.

Don't numb yourself to the feelings of "good enough", "not the right time," "I'm not ready."

I don't know about you,

But those feelings leave me empty.

Don't settle for coulda, shoulda, wouldas.

Don't let yourself hit complete exhaustion, because you've neglected yourself.

Listen to your body.

Listen to your heart.

Take the stage of your own life.

Stretch your arms, and don't ask the world if they're ready.

Put on your show.

For my son, I will always be ready for his show, even if he forgets that I'm there!

Perhaps I will even take his lead, and just for a moment,

Lose myself, and let go of that safety net.

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