From Self-Doubt to Soaring Self Confidence, Carla Shed Shame.

Posted Feb 28th, 2017 in Testimonials, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

It takes a courageous person to look fear in the face and charge at it.

Like the elephant in the room, it's size and weight take up space.

But we all have elephants, we all have a circus.

And we all have a choice.

Be the ring leader or the person reserved in the cage.

Stay stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, distracted,

Or be confident enough to charge.

You only get one circus, one life,

And at the end of it, will there be people at your show?

What impact did you make?

These were the questions Carla was asking herself when she jumped into my Love and Legacy Mastermind.

I've never met a person more loving, honest, and living with such a willingness to give.

But she was living a bit like a stage hand or instead of the ring leader.

She had success as a dental hygienist, mom, wife, and online health and fitness coach,

But deep down inside she knew that there was another level.

Have you ever looked back at your life and wondered..

"Is this it?

It's not bad. I'm blessed.

But could it possibly get better?

Could I love deeper?

Can I let go of some baggage?

Can I tackle the elephant?"

Carla changed her perspective about the elephant.
She took a chance.
She trusted in her ability.
She trusted in the power of the group.

And she decided to look into that elephant's eyes of self-doubt,

And see it for the strong, confident, majestic symbol it could be.

1. She gave up PERFECTION and GUILT.
2. She started doing the tough things and shed SHAME.
3. She embraced HERSELF.
5. She became RELATE-ABLE and REAL.
6. She became a STUDENT and LEARNER.

Carla gives others a healthy dose of HOPE,

And I couldn't be prouder to serve her.

What feelings do you need to let go of?

What do you need to face?

What do you need to tell yourself?

Carla says, "You are loved. You are deserving."

Powerful words by my HERO of the DAY!


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