Top 5 Hormone Deficiencies That Are Ruining your Health and Happiness

Posted Apr 12th, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

Top 5 Hormone Deficiencies That Are Ruining your Health and Happiness

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of the,

"I'm eating well, I'm exercising, and trying to meditate, but I just don't feel RIGHT."

What's feeling right?

Energized, happy, fulfilled, light, free, and moving through life effortless.

Perhaps I've heard some of that from my clients,

But a lot of it has been the words from my own mouth.

When I don't feel well, despite doing all the "right things," I go into detective mode.

I used to blame myself, blame my body, shame myself, and lash out on others because of my own insecurities,

But now I'm driven by science.

And in my research this past month, I've read about 5 Hormones that when out of whack, wreak havoc on our health.

1. Growth Hormone- Made from the pituitary, and when its low it causes us to feel anxious, fatigued, lose our sex drive, have sensitivity to heat and cold, and hold belly fat.

Do you find yourself sensitive to stress and temperature? Have you lost interest in sex?

Lack of sleep and stress tank our growth hormone, so if you find yourself feeling these symptoms, get to bed early and hit the weights for a strength workout that fatigues your muscles in 6-8 reps per exercise.

Shorten your lifting sessions, go heavy, and REST!

2. Testosterone- Made from the adrenal glands or in men, the testes, when low causes a low sex drive, increase in body fat, and mood swings.

In addition, if our endorphins in the brain are low it makes it harder to orgasm, and we cry easily.


Do you find yourself moody, with low energy? Is it difficult to focus? Difficult to build muscle despite lifting weights? Have you lost the want to have sex?

We are a full blown train wreck of emotions when these hormones are low and often this is where the addiction and binge eating emerges.

Cleaning up your nutrition, getting in a HIIT workout, and sleep will combat the negative effects of being deficient in these areas.

3. Adrenaline- Made from the adrenal glands, when they are constantly stimulated due to stress, it causes an increase in fatigue, increased cravings of salty food, and chronic fatigue.

When adrenaline is high, serotonin, the happiness hormone, oxytocin, the connection and love hormone, and dopamine, the pleasure and fun hormone cannot exist.

Do you find yourself speeding in your car? Do you inhale your food never stopping to take a breath?

Sex, sleep, reducing inflammatory foods like dairy, wheat, and artificial sugars, and exercise will get your body back in balance.

4. Cortisol- Made from the adrenal glands, and when levels are high it causes weight gain, chronic fatigue, anxiousness, bloating, and the feeling that the heart is racing.

Do you find it hard to control your temper? Do you get sick often? Are you holding belly fat?

Exercise, writing in a journal, sleep, and taking a rest day if you've been pushing your body are ways to combat cortisol.

5. Melatonin- Made from the brain its responsible for the sleep wake cycle.

When disrupted, it causes insomnia, chronic fatigue, and irritability.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Does your mind race at night?

Instituting a sleep routine with spraying a lavender scent on your pillow, journaling about your worries, decreasing light with black out curtains, buying comfortable pajamas and keeping the room to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, are known to produce better sleep patterns.

You can also supplement with over the counter Melatonin.

When we know better, we can feel better!

Ask yourself these questions and set a plan to take back your life! Don't let these hormones rule your world.

That's what being an Empowered EntreprenHER IS; a woman who is taking back her power and owning her health and happiness!

To learn more about what to eat, when to eat, and the right balance of exercise and stress management, check out my Macros, Muscles, and Mindfulness Program!

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