Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Eat IT!

Posted Apr 17th, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Eat IT!

I love creating nutritional plans for my clients.

For everyone who has ever said,

Just tell me what to eat and I'll eat it.

I've got you covered,

But what happens when you have to eat off the meal plan.

What happens when you are traveling?

What happens when it's a holiday?

What happens if you really just WANT that dessert, wine, or burger?

If I've created this dependency on me for advice, you won't be successful.

Tell me what to eat and I will eat it- Can only get you so far.

So unlike other trainers who want you to keep coming back for plans,

I want to teach you how to think.

I want to help you make the best decision and stop the emotional eating and guilt.

I don't know about you, but I found it EXHAUSTING always being stressed out over food.

I found it exhausting calculating how many miles I needed to run to "burn off" what I ate after a holiday or night out.

Or simply exercising because I thought I had to.

I found it incredibly freeing when I could ditch the guilt, live in the moment, and be OK with my choices.

The quicker the guilt lifted, the less I emotionally ate or over-indulged.

In order to get there I had to consistently keep asking myself the same three questions.

1. Do I know every ingredient that's in this food?

Inflammatory inducing foods are sneaky. They mask themselves as preservatives, artificial flavours and sugars.

It's led to diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and insomnia.

If I can't pronounce it, I don't eat it.

2. How will I feel 10 minutes after I eat this?

I'm not sure if it was being a nurse, motherhood, or entrepreneurship that got me into the bad habit of wolfing down food, but whatever it was it has to stop.

Because the wolfing down of a shake or salad, quickly became cookies, left over grilled cheese, or ice cream when my stress was to the max or my anxiety was setting in over conflict, deadlines or family drama.

I had to put on my future goggles and stop and think.

Do I really need to eat this? Will my body be happy in 10 minutes?

Your body knows when you've gone too far!

They don't call it gut rot for nothing.

And most times, it's my emotions that are churning at my insides long before the food I eat does.

If I can address that first, then I allow myself time to think about what I really want and what my body really needs.

3. Is this getting me closer to or farther away from my goal?

To ask this question, you first have to set a goal, something you want to feel or accomplish.

But when you can take the pressure off of the food and place more focus on your goal, the decision becomes easier.

When I'm training for a 5K, a bikini competition, or I have a photo shoot or vacation coming up,

It's easier to say NO to the treats being passed my way.

It's also more gratifying and fun when I'm celebrating or I've planned for the indulgence.

You can't never, ever, ever eat the goodies in life.

That's just not realistic or FUN!

Or trust me, you will BINGE!

Experience life to it's fullest, but know..

You really can be in control.

Cut yourself some slack and stop to ask these questions.

But if you're really stuck at what to eat and when, I'd be happy to make you a plan that fits your exact body type.

It's amazing how cravings diminish when you're consistently fueling your body right.

Check out my Macros, Muscles and Mindfulness Program HERE!

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