3 Tips to Snap Out of a Funk!

Posted May 2nd, 2017 in Blog, Confidence, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

3 Tips to Snap Out of a Funk!

Let's talk about a funke-ty FUNK!

I'm not talking about having a bad day, somebody ticked you off, and you don't know what to do with that kind of funk,

I'm talking about when you're having a couple day, week long, legitimate funk.

What do we do with that?

I want to talk about those negative thoughts.

And I want you to make a promise.

I want you to promise yourself that from this point out, you're going to stop negotiating with yourself.

If we look at the definition of what a negotiation is,

A negotiation is really a dialogue that happens between two parties.

That really made me think about that whole negotiation piece in my day to day life.

Because I think we can all relate to the fact that we have that positive voice that we hear, 

And then we have that negative voice that can loop on replay.

We have that negotiation between the good and the bad, the positive and the negative.

That's the negotiation I think that happens between happiness and gratitude that is on the positive side,

And fear and control is that negative side.

When you have one, you can't have the other.

When you have fear, you can't have happiness.

When you have obsessive control, you can't have gratitude.

What's the root of fear in a funk?

The fear of not having everything figured out, wanting to control everything, and feeling out of control like other people are putting their demands in your court.

That's where that people pleaser in me used to come out, where I didn't want to upset people.

I thought that in order to be validated and loved, I had to make people happy.

A lot of that stems from the way that I grew up,

That love was earned.

And because of that I've set a really high bar.

Leaving the crash on the way down.. HARD.

My funks are rooted in that I'm not enough. I don't have enough. I can't give enough.

I don't appear to be enough, so I'm not enough.

So how to I snap out of it?

How can you feel true JOY?

1) I want you to Journal. When you find yourself in a funk, a negative moment, thinking you're not worthy enough-- journal.

If it's in your mind, its not dealt with, so get it out. Just write!

What do you want? What do you don't want in your life? Which side is winning?

2) I want you to optimize your time. That concept of blocked timing.

Doing one thing at a time.


Your schedule is what makes it easy to say yes and no to things.

When you know you've got date night, your workout, time with the kids, time to work, time for meetings, it's easy to say NO.

Don't load your plate with more, optimize with what you have!

3) Figure out your best yes.

What do you want to say yes to?

A lot of times when I find myself in a funk, I've been saying yes to all the wrong things.

What is important to you?

I'm going to give you permission to say no,

Because you've got your plans, and your agenda,

Your goals, and your dreams,

Right at the forefront, and you know what they are.

As a mom, a wife and a coach, a trainer, and a nurse, it is in my DNA to give to everybody else first.

Once I mastered my time,

I mastered my mindset,

I mastered my health.

I had less anxiety.

I had less worry.

I had less negative thoughts.

I had less desire to control every single situation.

Follow that 3 part framework of JOY

And I know you can feel the same too!

To find out my full stores and successes of Joy- Purchase my book HERE!


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