Why You Need to Understand Macros!

Posted May 18th, 2017 in Testimonials, Blog, Owning Your Choices

Why You Need to Understand Macros!

Have you ever had someone ask you if you are pregnant when you really aren't?

Have you ever looked at your body in the dressing room mirror and thought UGH?

Have you ever tried a nutritional way of life-- Vegan, Raw Food, Whole 30, Paleo, Ketosis, only to realize that you can't keep it up?

I've experienced ALL of these, and I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of stressing out my friends and family because I only eat a certain way.

I'm tired of stressing out MYSELF when it comes to events, parties, gatherings, or just everyday decisions like, "What's for dinner?"

You see, life is already stressful.

We already have to make 1,198 decisions a day (or it often feels like that) and it leaves our brain fatigued.

What to wear to work today- nailed it!

Eat wholesome food for your body type- perhaps there is no more brain power left, and we just grab and go.

That's why I try to keep things simple.

Because it's simplified nutrition that's helped me lose over 100lbs, and keep it off for over 7 months now and counting.

This weekend, my family and I are about to head to St. Jacob's Market, a local Mennonite market that has the freshest and authentic food.

It makes me NERD OUT to sort through all the meats, and vegetables, cheeses, and fresh bread; the smells, the sights, the colors.

That's WHOLE FOOD and that's what your body craves.

And that's why I love macros.

Macros are simply the protein, carb, and fat that are in the foods you eat.

Get the right balance, and your body becomes a fat burning machine.

You don't need to cut out all carbs.

You don't need to go low fat.

You don't need to eat all protein.

You don't need to bio-hack your way into ketosis.

You need to make the decision to EAT, and to embrace your body type and what it craves.

Me-- I'm an endomorph.

Naturally rounder, put on weight easy, and look at a french fry and I'm up 10lbs on the scale.

Instead of being angry about that, I now accept it, I understand it, and I eat the right carbs at the right times so they don't store on my body.

Macros have helped me bio hack my own metabolism, so now when I do eat french fries, the scale doesn't budge.

But it's because my body is balanced. My body is happy.

I'm not on some fad diet or plan for the short term.

I know how to EAT whole, real foods, all damn day long and I've never felt better.

I know you want me to tell you it's OK to do the quick fixes.

But I've seen the long term pain that it causes.

Don't you want to celebrate at the end the year because you've gotten in the best shape of your life, mastered your nutrition, and stayed consistent?

If you're with me, then I want to tell you about this amazing resource that I created for you.

It's my how to implement a realistic approach to macros in your life.

We go over my signature SMILE principle:

1. Have Self Compassion

2. Understand Macros and Implement them for your Body Type (say goodbye to inflammation!)

3. Use the IIFYM (IF it fits your Macros) principle so you can enjoy parties, nights out, weddings, or just that Friday night glass of wine!

4. Love your Body Type and Embrace it

5. Enjoy Alcohol without Guilt

That's realistic. That's sustainable. And that's what's meant for you.

It's YOUR TIME to finally master your health, and I'd love to give you that gift.

Pick up a copy of my E-book HERE!

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