A FREE Way to Reduce Aging, Inflammation, and Have the Best Sleep of Your Life!

Posted Jun 8th, 2017 in Testimonials, Blog

A FREE Way to Reduce Aging, Inflammation, and Have the Best Sleep of Your Life!

This past week has been a little......different for me.

My clients, friends, and family know that I don't recommend anything to them to improve their health and wellness,

Unless I try it myself.

So this week I stepped out of my comfort zone, set aside my biases and tried something new.

Not only did I have more energy, and the best sleep of my life,

I simply felt happier.

I was grounded.

And that's exactly the term for this one free HACK that changed my life!

I have to thank my friend, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, a Chinese Medicine Doctor, as she opened my eyes to this practice!

Grounding is simply sitting, lying down, or placing your hands or feet on the surface of the ground.

Did you know that modern plastic or rubber soled shoes as well as the wood, carpet and other clothing and materials,

Actually block the natural energy and electrical flow from earth to your body.

Studies have shown that earthing or grounding aka getting your bare feet, hands, or parts on the earth improves:

  • Blood viscosity
  • Heart rate variability
  • Reduces inflammation,
  • Decreases cortisol,
  • Improves sleep and autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance,
  • And reduces effects of stress.

Well I'm be dammed.

I have to admit, when I first learned about this I thought,

"Yeah right. Go outside barefoot and walk around my backyard. Because that's really going to work!"

But I was shocked when I committed to doing it for one week.

I kicked the ball with my son barefoot,

I read my personal development books while sitting on the step of my deck, with my feet in the grass.

Hell- I even found myself going outside to MEDITATE (trust me this is huge for me, because I can't sit still), and sat in the grass.

And this week, I have NEVER felt more alive, happy, energized, and connected to something bigger than myself.

It's like when I get my feet in the grass,

I feel human. I feel alive. I can feel my heart beating, my blood pumping, and my mind clearing.

It reminds me that it's good to be alive.

So I want to challenge you.

Especially if you're saying,

"That's stupid. I don't have time for that. Yeah right."

Give it a try.

It doesn't have to even be on grass.

Dirt, concrete, any surface outside----Give it a try.

In a world where our electrons are being zapped,

Think cell phones, computers, dish washers, hair dryers, Wifi,

It's time to naturally zap our energy and health back in our favor!

What do you have to lose?

If you could find yourself just one gauge higher in energy and clarity, who would benefit?

What could you do?

Comment below if you're committed to giving it a go!

The world deserves the most energized you!

PS- And if you need some help reducing inflammation, get a customized meal plan from me with my Macros, Muscles, and Mindfulness Program HERE!


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