Even Though I KNEW This was a BAD IDEA, I F'ed Up my Metabolism and Did It Anyway.

Posted Jun 22nd, 2017 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence

Even Though I KNEW This was a BAD IDEA, I F'ed Up my Metabolism and Did It Anyway.

Why, would I torture myself?

Why would I get on the scale on a Monday, after the long holiday weekend in February,

When I enjoyed one Beaver Tail, but MANY craft beers (they were so good!) in Ottawa, Ontario on a mini family vacation.

Did I expect to get a different result?

I knew my weight would be up, but I wasn't expecting the scale to say 10lbs!

According to science, that meant that if there is 3,500 calories in a pound, I ate 35,000 calories in one weekend.

No, no way, no how, I'm not buying it.

But what it did help me realize was that something was VERY WRONG with my metabolism.

A few months prior, I entered into a fitness competition, and I had put my body under massive stress.

I didn't want to take any fat burners, diuretics, or pills that decrease estrogen, so it meant I had to work extra hard against the grain.

Who knew that not many competitors went "natural" into these things?

I wanted to have another baby in the future (and still do!), so I wasn't messing up my body with unnatural things.

Well...wasn't I in for a rude awakening when I realized that even though I didn't take pills,

For a short period when I was instructed to eat only fish and greens and do 1 hour of straight cardio everyday,

(Even thought I KNEW this was a bad idea)

I royally messed up my body.

I royally tanked my metabolism.

Yes, I lost about 60lbs, but became scale obsessed, and if I strayed from my restrictive meal plan, I gained weight.

A SHIT TON of weight.

This, my friends, is what led me down the path of creating my OWN macro plan.

One with balance, AND CARBS, and ALCOHOL, and enjoyment, and living life.

One that healed my body, not hurt my body.

Sometimes we get SO FIXED on the goal.

We don't want to let anyone down,

We want to feel confident and not covered up at the beach,

We don't want to compare our bodies to the person to the right or two the left,

That we opt for the quick fix, or we do things, even when we know we shouldn't.

I refused to LISTEN to the signs that my body was giving me that my metabolism was slow:

  • I was cold, all the time. (My metabolic rate was in survival/starvation mode.)
  • I found myself surfing Facebook instead of concentrating on my podcasts and training. (My brain wasn't fueled properly with a lack of carbs.
  • I was sleeping like CRAP. (My body was constantly in fight or flight mode.)
  • I gained weight by looking at the craft beer my husband was drinking. (Another sign of starvation mode.)
  • 2pm meant crazy sugar cravings and if there was chocolate in sight, I'd have no willpower to say no. (My thyroid and adrenal levels were tanking.)
  • I was constantly stressed. (Again, thyroid and adrenals tanking.)

I was in a desperation mode and I knew I needed to heal myself.

  • I slowly started adding carbs back into my diet like quinoa, sweet potato, oatmeal, bananas, and other fruit. (Sent love to my adrenals and thyroid and fueled my brain.)
  • I switched my exercise to 30 min HIITs, 2 days a week, and 4 days of heavy strength training, with ONE WHOLE rest and digital detox day. (It's about quality not quantity.)
  • I began to love what my body could do, and I DITCHED THE SCALE. (F that thing anyway!)

6 months later, and my weight is solid, I'm still a size 4 (from a size 12) , but most importantly,

I'm energized, I'm focused,

I eat a whatever I want (as long as it fits my macros), sometimes lean meat, potatoes, and veggies, sometimes a burger and craft beer,

And my weight is stable.

I get on the scale maybe once a month (more for testimonial purposes), but I'm not OBSESSED with the number.

I have more MUSCLE on my body now, than I did when I stepped on that fitness stage.

And I have a bad ass attitude that goes along with it.

I feel like I'm bringing sexy back, in a totally fun and sustainable way.

Isn't that what life is about?

The quick fix never works.

It will catch up with you.

Isn't it time you got educated, and started working smarter, not harder?

Want to learn more about this----------

You can eat whatever the F you want and not feel guilty, shrink fat, and build muscle MACRO concept?

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