This Summer's Best Plant Based Secret

Posted Jul 19th, 2017 in Blog

This Summer's Best Plant Based Secret

Recently, I've been doing a lot of research about intermittent fasting and a plant based diet.

Now before you call me crazy, I recommend you do some research on your own.

Something has always bugged me about our reactive health care system,

And the motivation behind "government based" food pyramids.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals are a BUSINESS.

It is better profit to have us sick than well,

But, ultimately, we are the boss of our bodies.

One of the number one complaints people say about eating more greens,

Is that they are bland and tasteless.

But I found a completely addicting,

Totally nutritious,


It's called a Shishito Pepper,

And it can be found at Farmers Markets, Asian or Korean Stores, or even Trader Joe's in the US.

Our local wine and tapas place has a recipe where it's made with sea salt,

And we always get two orders!

I'd love to saute it up at home with some sesame oil (don't cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Canola Oil- it goes rancid!)

And pink Himalayan Salt (WAYYY better than Table Salt to balance our the acidity in our body!)

But this slightly charred, slightly sweet, and randomly spicy pepper is a low calorie jolt to our taste buds.

For me, it's better than any chip and dip you can offer me!

Have you come across this pepper yet?

What do you think?


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