Why You Can't Blame Genes For Bad Health

Posted Jul 24th, 2017 in Owning Your Choices

Why You Can't Blame Genes For Bad Health


Verb- Assigning responsibility for fault or wrong.

My three and a half year old son loves to blame a "bad guy" (because he loves police officers and "arresting" people),

For putting the baby monitor in the sink, stealing his toys, and eating the last cookie.

And we're teaching him about responsibility and honesty,

But the same goes for our health.

It's the easy route to blame genetics for poor health.

I come from a family of Italian and American women, who all had heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

The way I look at it, I'm doomed!

Which is why I knew I had to take action,

And do everything I could do in my power to keep myself healthy.

But recently, in 2008, the science and term Epigenetics was born.

"Epi" actually means above and genetics stand for our genes.

We can rise above our genes!


You see our genes need input!

We all have genes that can turn on us, with Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Alzheimers, Heart disease, or stay shut off.

What makes it go either way?

What we eat, where we live, how we move, who we interact with, our stress levels, and our choices everyday.

Every decision matters.

What's even awesome-ER is that YOU can pass on these healthy genes to your children,

Even if you've come from an unhealthy family.

You can break the chain, AND, have control over your health.

The same is true for your gut flora.

A gut that's been inflamed heavily with sugars, wheat, dairy, processed and packaged foods,

Will pass on lower immunity,

And an increased risk of autoimmune diseases, depression, autism, and chronic diseases to our children.

But it's never too late to heal your stomach, and reduce inflammation by cutting out inflammatory foods.

We've heard it a million times that we need to eat right, exercise, sleep, and reduce stress,

But now epigenetics gives us a WHY.

Absolutely awful, devastating things do happy to really healthy people, we know this,

But if we have any control over our health like the science says, then I want to give myself that fighting chance.

How about you?

*For more information about how to eat for your body type and cut out inflammatory foods, check out my E-book HERE!*

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