Don't Fall in Love with THIS Kind of Person

Posted Oct 10th, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

Don't Fall in Love with THIS Kind of Person

My sign is a Capricorn.

It means I'm the hardest working person you know (unless you know other Caps).

And I lead from the front.

But recently, I found myself hitting a complete roadblock in business empowering others.

Ever since my eyes were opened to it, I've adopted a "hard charger" mentality or what another mentor of mine calls it, a "high performance mentality."

But I couldn't wrap my head around why others weren't the same.

But they are DRIVEN!



Why aren't they running like I run in business?

Why aren't they staying committed to themselves?

Those were the thoughts in my head.

Is it me?

As a Capricorn, I'm analytical and methodical.

And then my mentor dropped a truth bomb on me,

"Don't fall in love with people's POTENTIAL. Fall in love with their ACTION."

THAT simple statement changed my entire view about helping clients, coaches, and even friends and family in my life.

You can't save everyone.

And you can't give your precious time to people YOU want so bad to succeed,


You know those people in your life.

They say they will change and they can be different, but they don't.

Their diet starts Monday.

They want to open that online business.

They promise a lunch date out and never call.

They never follow up or do what they say they will do.

Whether it's dating, doing business, or serving others with your talents or listening ears,

Reward their action.

Invest in the people who invest in you.

Or the people who are willing to get in the ring and get dirty with you.

Not standing on the sidelines hoping to be tapped in.

Your time, energy, and resource are in high demand.

So don't spend another second on those who never take action.

Extend your hand to those who are hurting, but never chase anyone into action.

The people who are ready will come.

Need help prioritizing?

Can't say no?

Wasting energy doing things you don't want to do with people you don't want to hang out with?

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