The First Step Actually Isn't The Hardest, This Is.....

Posted Oct 26th, 2017 in Blog, Owning Your Choices

The First Step Actually Isn't The Hardest, This Is.....

As an online health and business coach, I found myself saying,

"Just take the first step! Getting started is always the hardest."

"It will get easier the more you do it."

While there is SOME truth to to that, I've recently changed my tune.

Taking the first step to get your butt off the couch at night, or up early in the morning to workout is hard.

Taking 15 minutes to make breakfast instead of stopping at the local coffee shop for some sugar and carbs is hard.

Doing Live Videos on Facebook and learning Click Funnels is hard.

But what's harder is sticking with it.

I've seen far too many driven, brilliant, courageous people quit when they don't have instant fame, money, confidence, or six pack abs.

I don't think the first steps are the hardest.

I think the subsequent steps you take uncover a whole ton of crap inside you that make you doubt your next steps IS.

" I did a week of live videos and only 5 people engaged with me? I knew my business idea SUCKED!"

" I passed on the pizza and wine and worked out every day this week and I lost 1lb. Why freaking bother!  I knew this wouldn't work for me!"

" I knew I was (__________) dumb, useless, a failure"; Insert whatever lie you tell yourself.

You gave up, right when the magic was about to happen.

You gave up right when the real change was starting to happen.

You gave up and let the critic win.


And follow these 2 Tips to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough!

1. Plan for the shit storm.

I know the woo woo's, and the vibration makers, and the manifesters are cursing me right now. And hear me now.

I do believe you should visualize, and manifest, and get the good juices flowing,

But I also feel you need to visualize what you're going to say to yourself when the alarm goes off and it's dark and cozy in your bed to make yourself get up and workout.

Visualize yourself driving right past McDonalds, even when you've struggled with your toddler for 25 minutes to get dressed, and dropped them off late to school.

Visualize yourself talking LIVE and no one instantly shows up, but you still give them your best self and teaching tips, because the next one- THEY WILL.

2. One is better than NONE!

You are ONE more workout in than you were yesterday.

Your body is loving ONE more nutritious meal than it had yesterday.

Your videos or products WILL help ONE person today.

And one is better than NONE!

Start to tell yourself you're a bad ass bitch making things happen.

Instead of why is this so hard.

Why is this taking so long.

I'm a loser.

No one likes me.

My body sucks.

Girl, please.

You're amazing.

Own it!

The struggles are what makes the success so much sweeter!

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