This Alcoholic Shot Chases Bloat Away

Posted Oct 31st, 2017 in Blog, Confidence

This Alcoholic Shot Chases Bloat Away

So I have a confession to make.

I've been doing shots before my meals everyday.

Work days, holidays, weekends, morning, noon, night... SHOTS!

And the best part, I've been releasing weight, and absorbing food better.

This drink only costs a couple bucks and can last for months.

And you know when something works for me, I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!

Apple Cider Vinegar, the good stuff, has been an amazing addition to my daily routine,

It has my waistline slimming, my gut flora happy, and has kept my cravings at bay. 

The reason I say it's alcoholic, is because of how it's made.

It's made by squashing apples and adding good bacteria (like a probiotic) and yeast to the liquid.

That liquid is then turned into alcohol by a fermentation process, 

And then the alcohol is turned into vinegar.

Ready to be mixed in tea, or the way I do it, a tablespoon as a shot before meals.

Ok, ok, so it's not truly alcoholic, but it does make me pretty happy!

But don't make the mistake I did. Don't buy the no name brands, get Braggs or Ancestral Natural.

The no name is bound to put hair on your chest.

There are many, but here are the top 3 benefits of why I've added this into my routine.

1. It aids in digestion.

Bloating is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. Whether it's bloating from a high carb meal, eating too fast, stress, or sodium rich foods, the mild diuretic and probiotic properties in apple cider vinegar beats bloat.

2. It lowers blood sugar.

Dips in energy is something that I can't have in my day. I'm a mom to a busy toddler, I work full time, and I'm growing an entrepreneurial side hustle.

Exercise is also extremely important to my mental well being, and if I don't have the energy to do it, my productivity and patience suffers.

Diabetes also runs rampant in my family, and that's something I want to prevent.

3. It's an antioxidant and anti-bacterial.

Besides bloat, low energy, and diabetes, I also don't want cancer, premature aging, and constant colds.

That's why I say apple cider vinegar before a meal for the win!

But a word of caution, it can upset your stomach and stain your teeth, so GO EASY to start, and go see your dentist regularly.

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