Success Trains, Failure Complains

Posted Jan 16th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

Success Trains, Failure Complains

I felt an intense burning in my legs.

The bands were snapping back at me, and I felt like one more rep and my muscle might snap.

Who knew you could feel like Gumby by 6:30am on a Tuesday morning?

In that moment, the woman leading me though my workout through the screen said,

"Success trains. Failure complains."

Just what I needed to hear.

It's like she was talking to me.


Or maybe it's because I'm digging so deep into my health and business goals this year,

That my ears were open and listening.

2018. We're halfway through the first month.

Are you training or complaining?

I read a statistic that by Jan 15th more than half of people have ALREADY ditched their resolutions.

Really? We can't even make it longer than 2 weeks?

That's a scary statistic to me, because I see this more than what it is.

It's not a moment or fad that passes.

It's not "chalk it up to another silly resolution failed."

It's lack of discipline.

Call me out if you will, but I feel we've become too entitled.

We want the quick fix, the quick buck, the dream lifestyle, the best marriages, perfect children,

And since when did we think it takes two weeks to achieve it?

We may go hard at a goal for much longer, but I think as a society we've massively given up too early because things get hard.

You want to run with me this year? 

Then you gotta train.

I played sports as a kid, and I can still remember the two a days (meaning 2 practices a day, morning and night) for an entire summer.

The tournaments every weekend.

Having to get good grades to be eligible to play in the games.

Packing my bags and gear and equipment for travel tournaments.

Listening to inspiring music on the bus to get into a mindset. 

Same attitude now, just 20 years later.

But now my habits look a little different.

They consist of waking up at the crack of dawn to set my morning routine of fitness and self care first.

Scheduling my professional development to be the best coach in online business and health.

Planning and executing launches, challenge groups, date nights, mom and son days, 

And protecting my schedule.

Because my time matters here on earth and Lord knows I'm going to make the most of it.

So I train.

It's easy to complain about the sleepless nights with children, the negative co-workers, the commute to work, the long days,

But what are you training for?

I'm training to be the best.

Coach. Mom. Wife. Friend. Child of God.

And my actions show it.

What about you?

Get disciplined in your habits and protect your time, and watch how the complaining disappears.

But you gotta start to be the best.

*Need help?* I got you.

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