Re-Energize And Stop Feeling like an ATM.

Posted Jan 24th, 2018

Re-Energize And Stop Feeling like an ATM.

Have you ever just felt DRAINED?

Like you're constantly putting out fires in work and your home, 

Shying away from opportunities because doubt sets in, 

And feeling stuck in your circumstance.

You're not alone.

I used to be paralyzed and not able to ask questions in a meeting, or voice my opinion.

I had no courage.

Instead I had,

"What if I sound stupid?"

"What if they think I'm dumb."

Running through my head.

In my personal life, it was,

"I don't want to start another fight."

"What if they get mad at me, or think I'm ungrateful?"

I was taught not to rock the boat, instead of steering my own ship.

But I quickly realized that my past patterns weren't working for me.

Because after the first problem was solved, it was only a matter of time until the next thought of I'm not good enough came back up.

Unless I fixed it.

If I wanted my next level of growth and ambition,

Or in simple terms, 

I wanted to stop screwing up my life and be happy,

I had to start flooding my thoughts with 3 simple questions each day:

1. How can I be courageous today?

This type of thinking invites a fearless mindset for what's to come.

Too many times I've been blindsided by someones emotions.

They throw a rude comment my way, put me down, minimize my knowledge, or dismiss my ideas.

But once I began to plan what I was going to do, I regained control in my life.

I expected that choice of behaviour, and I knew how I would react.

2. How do I want to act?

That was the next guiding question to help me from losing my cool, crying, or taking my frustrations out on the people I love.

3. Have I taken any deep breaths today?

To quote my good friend and high performance coach Petra Rolander,

"Your energy is not infinite."

The more you pause and breathe, the better decision you make, and the more you are open to learn.

I am still working on this one.

And just like you, I struggle.

But I know if I want to be happy, healthy, alive, energized, calm, cool, collected, productive,

I have to take control.

Perhaps it's not the fear of losing control that drives me,

But the fear of regret.

I look at my son and I know I have to be the best mom I can be, and that takes courage.

How about you?

Click here to watch my un-edited, totally real interview with Petra about courage. It's 37 minutes. The Empowered Life Podcast can also be found on Apple iTunes.

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