Don't Worry About Being Everyone's Cup of Tea

Posted Jan 30th, 2018

Don't Worry About Being Everyone's Cup of Tea

Unfriended on Facebook.

Did you know that in 2017, it was noted as our greatest fear.

Not spiders, not heights, not public speaking.

Being unfriended on Facebook.

We so desperately crave connection and being liked, that slowly we are losing the very pieces that make up ourselves.

And as women I also feel that we take things way too personally.

I've somewhat kicked my need to be liked, people pleasing ways to the curb,

But every once and awhile it still rears it's ugly head.

If someone is short with me, or writes a questionable comment on Facebook, 

I sometimes assume they are taking a shot at me, dismissing me, or have a hidden agenda.

I know this stems from my past as my only survival mode as a little girl was to people please.

The verbal shots some days would come out of nowhere, and I never knew what would rock the boat.

But as I got older, and I started to get clear on what I wanted my life to feel like,

I started to care less and less about what people thought, if I rocked the boat, and the choices I made.

I got tired of being around people who felt it was easier to complain than change their circumstance.

I got tired of being about people who thought that my income, impact, and influence was given to me.

I got tired of being around people who only wanted to be there in my struggle and not in my success.

These were not bad people, they just weren't MY people.

Start to take notice of the people around you.

What do they say?

How do they act?

When you verbalize your habits, goals, dreams, plans, do they mock you, or do they champion you?

2017 was a detox year for me.

I knew I wanted to feel confident, comfortable, assertive, happy, and energized, and in order to do that,

I had to detox negative thoughts, feelings, and people out of my life.

They were going wayyyy left and I had to go way right.

And it resulted in some unfriending on my part, and their unfriending of me.

But the big change for me was not having the indecisiveness about it.

I would stew about my choices, conversations, actions in the past.

Try to make sense of others actions towards me.

Until I finally just let it go.

A mantra I say to myself on the regular is,

"I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

Some days I say that to myself, others I say it out loud and direct it towards a person.

But it allows me to leave the past in the past, and live in the moment.

Friends, unfriended, or not.

In 2018, I want you to stop negotiating your worth.

Stop settling because you don't want to rock the boat.

Stop stewing when someone unfriends you.

Start living YOUR life.


Will you do that?

I know you can.

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