The Number One Killer of Productivity

Posted Mar 1st, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The Number One Killer of Productivity

It's not your lack of focus.

It's not social media.

It's not your email.

It's not the dishes in the sink or the laundry in the basket.

It's not the dog that's begging you for a walk.

It's not that you don't know enough.

The reason you're holding back,

On launching your business, speaking in front of people,

Starting a health and fitness plan, or whatever desire you want but you don't have,

is FEAR.

Early in my business, I found myself sitting in a room full of successful entrepreneurs, some millionaires, some big players in the online space, 

NY Times best selling authors, and prominent thought leaders of this era.

This was a moment I dreamed about!

I took some of my savings, some of my hard earned income in business, and a whole lot of faith to join a HIGH level Mastermind in 2017.

I wanted to PLAY UP to the people around me, and there I was in California, IN THAT ROOM.

But when it got time to ask questions, engage with others, and really SIT in the space that I dreamed of, I was paralyzed.

I didn't ask a single question the whole weekend.

I didn't get what I came for.

I took a bazillion notes, but I was afraid to build relationships with people because I felt insignificant.

I felt my email list wasn't big enough, my income wasn't big enough, my accomplishments weren't big enough.

It was all my own CRAP.

Ultimately, I was afraid to let people in and form real relationships.

It wasn't until 3 months later at our next event, that I let down my guard, asked questions, offered my perspective to others,

And really SUNK IN to the opportunity, because it was now or never.

I took advantage of the amazing-ness in the room, and soaked in it!

It was a small act of courage, but it changed the trajectory of my business and my life.

I never had a problem executing in my business in terms of products or programs,

But I've always had a fear of judgement and not feeling good enough.

And when we feel that way,


We stay in our own little bubble, like I did at that first event,

We take more courses before we launch a business idea, read more books, follow more mentors or You Tube Videos.

We try another fad diet, take a quick fix, or buy a gym membership but never go.

We avoid the conversation we need to have, or never schedule the appointment,

We stay, distracted in our own bubble, own space, own comfort.

We chase the next shiny object, for false hits of dopamine,


Because hoarding more ideas, people, books, things creates a false sense of security.

I had to change my perspective to be productive.

I could look at launching a book as scary and judgement filled, or an opportunity to leave a legacy.

I could look at being 42 days into an 80 day fitness program and think it's too hard to continue,

Or I could celebrate how far I've come, and ramp up for the final phase of the program.

I could avoid the difficult conversation, or have at it, and try to best to express how I feel as my highest self would.

You either see fear or opportunity.

Productivity or procrastination.

Get to the root of your deepest fear (mine was judgement) and watch your productivity soar.

For one week straight before that second mastermind event, I watched You Tube Videos on courage and I read the book Present over Perfect.

Once I identified my fear, the opportunity set in.

Because it was never really about them.

That group was the kindest, most giving, authentic bunch of people you'd find.

I just had to empower myself and change my perspective.

For more help on being productive, check out my empowerment planner and videos!

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