Why Your Audience is Tuning You Out

Posted Mar 6th, 2018 in Blog, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

Why Your Audience is Tuning You Out

"So let me tell you a story about what happened to me today......"

What's your first gut reaction when you hear those words?"

"Oh Christ, here we go."

Then the internal dialogue kicks in,

"How freaking long is this going to take? I have to pick up the kids, make those calls, groceries..."

And you, as the listener, have missed the point of the message.

It's the same story with social media posts.

*Warning- Vulnerable Post Ahead.*

That first line loses it's authenticity for me and it's like you're trying too hard.

I don't need to applaud you for being vulnerable.

I need to hear your message.

Too many coaches, service providers and all around AMAZING heart felt leaders's messages are being lost

Because they don't know how to cut to the chase.

(In the movies that means get to the action scene!)

They don't know how to engage the listener, viewer, or audience.

When you want to tell a story, inspire, spread a message,

Put me in the hot seat right away.

Because I'm stressed, and distracted, and being hit with a million messages a day, and if I want yours to land, 

You gotta grab me through that screen.

"I looked at that woman in the department store window and I didn't even recognize who she was. Was THAT ME? How did I let it get this bad?"

Instead of,

"Let me tell you the story of how I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life."

TELLLLLL MMEEEE exactly what you said to yourself.

"I hope my husband still finds me sexy. Why does he never come on to me anymore? Would I even let him looking like this?"

Instead of saying,

*Vulnerable Post* or *Personal Share* or *Rant*

In business, we worry so much about getting our messaging right, that we lose the very art of what's it meant for.

It's mean to relate, to unite, to move, to challenge, to lead,

So don't overthink it. Don't aim for perfection.

Be willing to pull back the curtain and let me into your deepest thoughts, right away.

Because I know a deeper message is there.

Don't lose me in the first line.

Need help with your messaging? Let's chat!

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