Screw Loving All of What You See In Mirror Everyday

Posted Mar 20th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

Screw Loving All of What You See In Mirror Everyday

Let's be honest.

You see all these hot bods on Instagram and you think they have it all figured out.

You see the highlight reel on Facebook of people smashing their workouts, dropping dress sizes, and eating lettuce, 

And you can't cope.

You can't ever imagine a day where you look in the mirror and say, "Damn. I'm sexy."

Or maybe you do, but then one "bad" choice in food sends you down a tunnel of sabotage.

I'm here to turn on the lights in that tunnel and pull you out.

In 2016, I trained and competed in my first ever bikini competition.

I thought those women were the epitome of confidence, and I wanted in.

But when I had a chance to talk to most of the other competitors backstage,

I quickly saw how much THEY ripped apart THEIR own bodies.

Their abs weren't shredded enough, glutes not big enough, they were "soft."

In my mind, I thought it was some of the perkiest (although they were fake) boobs,

Tightest abs (as I kept trying to suck in my post c-section small pooch that won't go away.)

And biggest J.Lo booties (mine was semi J.Lo as it takes time to build a backside) that I'd ever seen.

But they weren't happy.

It posed a question in my mind.

Will we ever be happy?

Will we ever feel enough?

Will we ever stop picking apart every one of our perceived flaws?

Sometimes saying that you'll love what you see in the mirror is too big an ask.

Perhaps every day we could strive to love ONE part of our body.

And we could write it on our mirror in lipstick or attach it with a sticky note.

A collection of the LOVES of ourselves.

We write our daily to-dos. We focus on the one needle moving thing in our business.

Why don't we give the same love, and attention, and honour to our bodies?

I'm asking you to pick one a day.

I started this practice this Sunday, and it's the kindest I've ever spoken to myself in awhile.

I looked at a picture of myself on Sunday and instead of ripping it apart, I chose to say,

"I love my strong legs."

Catch yourself before you say something negative, because it may still happen. Rome wasn't built in a day.

But say something positive FIRST.

It then led to my single dimple, the way my hair decided to curl, and that J.Lo booty that I'm still working on.

Lead with love.

You spend all day loving on others, but give yourself that same gift.

Screw loving everything you see in the mirror everyday and holding yourself to a standard of perfection.

Celebrate the ONE nice thing you can say to yourself and the mirror will be irrelevant.

Want to talk it out? 


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