The Only Thing You Control in Your Home Based Business

Posted Mar 26th, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The Only Thing You Control in Your Home Based Business

It's not the size of your list.

It's not engagement on social channels.

It's not conversion rates or sales videos.

It's not your referrals or affiliates.

It's not even your employees, if you have them.

The life of your business, through it's ebbs and flows,

Through teammates, product launches, and ideas, 

You can count on one thing.

You are in control of what you offer your ideal clients.

You control your rate of production, how much value you give, and if you choose to get back up after being knocked down.

Simply put, it's your outputs.

Too many people aren't willing to play the long game.

They aren't willing to be CONSISTENT.

They aren't willing to sacrifice and do the work.

Entrepreneurship can be freeing, and beautiful, and rewarding, and high end spending and living,

But the road to get there takes focused action and grit.

Investing in yourself is scary.

When I invested 42k in 2017 and 13k in 2018 to be in masterminds, I thought I went a little crazy.

55k in 2 years is a fancy car, part of a child's college fund or paying off a mortgage,

But it's also investing in business growth to stay current.

Writing vulnerable social media posts or telling personal stories is hard.

And not everyone is going to like it.

But it may change ONE person's life, 

And one becomes a million when you do the work and play the long game.

Going LIVE after you've been up all night with a teething baby is exhausting.

It's easier to stay in bed.

Or getting up early to create that email campaign when the clocks change is hard.

But another woman with a solid mission and solid outputs will be outworking you.

I'm not advocating for working 16 hour days, exhaustion and burnout, ticking things off your to-do list,

And going to every networking event that flies across your screen.

But your authority is built behind the scenes.

And the stability of your business is based on your outputs and your daily choices.

You can't fully control if a product launch flops, after you've done your testing, and put your best version out, 

But you can control if you decide to evaluate it, tweak it, and re-launch.

You can choose to be resilient and get back in the game, or you can choose to sit it out.

Authority gets a bad wrap.

When we hear that word, we think about the big cheese in charge,

Or someone we have to obey, even if we don't like or agree with their ideas.

But authority in the online space means people are known, liked, or trusted.

So much so that they give you their credit card, or email, or even a chat.

Authority means you are the "Go To Gal" for health, or live videos, or masterminds, business coaching, keynote speaking, knitting, agility training for dogs, 

Real estate, leadership, or whatever your passion and expertise lies.

And it means you choose to educate people about what you know and what can help overcome their hurdles.

You choose to stay in the game, stay current, and you show up frequently on the channel of your choice.

Most sales comes when you've nurtured the relationship enough and the client is ready.

They've digested some of your free content, they follow you on social media, and you show up weekly in their inbox and daily on their social channels.

They show up as a client for you because you've shown up for them.

That's something you have complete control over in your business.

How often are you serving?

How often are you teaching?

How often are you leading?

Regardless of the immediate outcome?

The size of your paycheck is directly related to how much value you give,

And how much you show up.

So go live into the person you were meant to be and serve to leave that legacy.

Your business, your plans, and your ideas matter.

Not sure how to take the first step?

Let map out a plan!

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