The Number One Asset in Business

Posted Apr 9th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The Number One Asset in Business

It's not your products, it's not your logo, or even your intellectual property.

It's not making sure you're productive.

We grind in our business worrying if we're doing enough. 

Are we ticking things off our lists, balancing our books, learning enough.

Are we positioning ourselves enough and saying the right things?

It's not learning, positioning, productivity, products. (Although they are insanely important.)

The number one asset in business, is what my 4 year old likes to call adults,


I'm not quite sure when my son made the designation in his creative mind that kids are kids and adults are the humans,

But we're going to let that go for a bit for the sake of cuteness.

It really hit me though, from one human to another,

When I was on a catch up call with a friend today,

And she posed a valuable question.

"Who do you know, that I need to know?"

And in return,

"Who do I know, that you need to know?"

Reciprocity goes a long way, and the human connection is everything.

In your business (or your life), if you're not making the impact and income you desire,

Then focus on these two things.

How can I be of service to others and how can I connect with more people.

We stress about social media algorithms.

Where do I go Live? Where do I post? How many likes did I get? How do I track it?

Your audience doesn't care HOW you reach them.

It's that you reach them.

You're visible, and you care about the quality of the interaction.

1. Post relevant content,

2. Give incredible valuable before you ever ask for their email or credit card.

3. Block the the time to answer every single person that engages with you.

I started coaching a client who stated on her discovery call,

That her first product launch was a failure because she "only got 2 people."

2 people who knew, liked, and trusted her enough to invest their time and money.

To me, that's HUGE when you're getting established.

And think about human connection.

Those 2 people may know 2,000 people, or give you the best testimonial that sells your program for you.

They may know a key influencer or sing your praises from the rooftops.

Never, ever discount a small audience.

And get intentional about what you give and how you give it.

Us humans have a good thing going here when we lead from the heart and SHOW UP to our best ability.

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