3 Steps to Massively Grow Your Network

Posted May 8th, 2018 in Blog, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

3 Steps to Massively Grow Your Network

A huge myth in business is that you have to grow a "following."

We worry about the number of likes on social media and the number of our lists.

I've even been passed over for speaking gigs because I didn't have a list of 10,000 people.

To that I say,

"A-OK with me. Not my jam."

A following isn't what you need.

Followers never take action.

They spectate.



One minute they love you, the next, hate you.

Then they've moved onto the next person to "follow."

And where they go and their opinion doesn't matter.

Your concern should be if the people around you ever take action.

Action takers form a network, like a web.

They get caught and they stay.

In life, you develop memories, connection, relationships.

And in business, they buy. They refer. They engage.

Here's three steps to grow a network not a following.

1. Send a "hello" video to anyone who becomes connected to you on social channels.

The purpose of this video is to tell the people who you are, what you do (quickly, a 2 liner),

And how you can help them (the meat of the the quick 2 minute-ish video). 

Most people can decide if they like your energy and what you're about pretty quickly.

2. Put out purposeful content with solutions.

I made the mistake of following the advice of a mentor (it was good advice, by the way), to agitate pain points in your ideal clients.

Make them see the pain in their life so much that they buy.

But the truth is, people don't want to feel the pain, 

They want to live into the solutions.

Regret marketing can work, but I like to paint the tangible reality they will have after working with me.

3. Have strong call to actions during the working week (or when your clients engage.)

Many people stay, and engage, and digest your content, but they simply don't know how to work with you.

The nature of people is that they don't want to look stupid, and if it's not obvious, they won't ask.

I've seen far too many posts with amazing content that I'm hooked on, but then no information about how to go deeper.

Be so clear and direct with what you want them to do.

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Private or Direct Message me by 8pm tonight.

In the end it's always about quality not quantity.

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