The Goodnight Standard: What I Won't Take From My Son

Posted May 15th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The Goodnight Standard: What I Won't Take From My Son

I've been riding on the struggle bus lately.

I've felt like there aren't enough hours in the day to get the necessary things done,

Balancing work, business, parenting, relationships, home, and pets.

I've been crunched with my daily workout, looking at it like it's a "to-do" instead of a energizer.

My nutrition has consistent of coffee, coffee, and more coffee, with some wine at night,

And I've lost some belief in my dream. I've taken a step back this week.

My dream is to be the best speaker, author, coach for women in business and health.

I've never been one to ask for help.

I've also never been one to let people in.

I've gotten really good at creating walls and powering though holding them up.

And when I struggle, I want to go inward, disconnect, disengage,

But then I always find myself going back to the same question.

What does the world NEED from me?

In business, it's easy to want to share and teach what YOU want.

Vulnerability can suck.

But it can also be a beautiful way to connect.

To let people only see the highlight reel.

With social media and statuses and filters is selfish.

We expect perfection.

And if we don't have it, we feel less than.

We feel insignificant.

But once you've created a dream for your life,

You have to expect that you've also created the barriers.

Because you had the courage to let it be known.

What the world needs from you is to overcome those barriers, 

And then tell others about it.

The world doesn't need more false perfection.

The world needs more real.

They need to know about perspective and our how to steps.

How we stopped emotionally eating,

How we lost weight,

How we gained confidence to stand up to the criticizer,

How we stood up for our children,

How we set boundaries with our time and emotions,

How we smashed a launch of a course or product,

How we wrote that book or got that raise,

But we have to let people in on the backstory.

That's what makes you real.

That's what keeps us connected.

This week, with my struggle, I've started to hold myself accountable again with the goodnight standard.

The goodnight standard grounds me and keeps me connected to my dream.

When I tuck my son in bed at night, and I look him in the eyes,

I have to be able to say that I gave it my all that day.

My to do's might not have been completed.

And I may have been overwhelmed, lost my temper, or got frustrated.

But I won't steal his future from him.

I have to say that I gave 100% effort to my dream.

I want my son to be happy, confident, secure, 

And in order for that to happen,

I have to check myself that I made healthy choices, I served my clients and team, I sought out opportunities for growth, and I was present with him.

What's your dream?

What are your barriers?

And what standard do you hold yourself to?

It's easy to make the flip, when you know what you're fighting for.

For clarity on these questions and a game plan for growth, let's hop on a 1:1 coaching call. I'll help you right the ship and find something worth fighting for.

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