From Worry To Wealth

Posted May 22nd, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

From Worry To Wealth

In business, people always want your "elevator pitch." 

Gone are the days where time is a luxury, and your ideal clients will digest 10 or 20 minutes of you explaining what you do and how you do it.

We've now transitioned into the world of

"Tell me what you do in 30 seconds, be brief, but impactful."

Now that's a challenge.

Because I don't know about you, but I love to connect and share.

I could pour you SEVERAL glasses of wine and talk your ear off. 

I often struggle with the "cut to the chase, get to the point" approach because my nursing background taught me to be THOROUGH. 

But an A-HA moment arose for me this morning when I was shooting a sales video for our newest program.

I say OUR because it was my hubby's creation and I'm now coming in and cleaning house to make it better.

WE make it better together and that excites me!

 I was on about take 15 of the video, because I wanted to get it RIGHT, when the words, 

"I take you from worry to wealth"

Came out of my mouth.

That's it! That's my elevator pitch.

Yes, I have systems, and processes, degrees and certificates, and a talented team in business and health.

But the why. The why became even deeper for me.

I want to abolish WORRY.

We worry.

That we aren't smart enough.

That we don't know enough people.

That we aren't fit enough.

That we are screwing up our kids.

That people are judging us.

That our business is a failure.

That we don't have enough clients.

That we will sound stupid.

That we will make a mistake.

That we will lose money.

All of these potential worries stops us from building the body we want and the business we want.

That's why my programs helps you take action and hold you accountable to the process.

I lay out the steps and leave you with the choice. 

Because no one has it all figured out. We all just muck our way through it.

But by taking action those worries go away.

The greatest wealth you can have is knowing that you are enough.

Yes, time and money freedom, happiness, recognition, and legacy building happens when you work with me,

But it's that shift from worry to wealth that I want for you.

* If you want to learn one of my systems to generate more income.*

Register here.

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