Why You Must Have an Alter Ego in Business and Health

Posted May 28th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence

Why You Must Have an Alter Ego in Business and Health

The way you present yourself on a stage, video, meeting, at the gym, in the bedroom,

Wherever you are aiming for greatness,

You need an alter ego to play.

Beyonce flips to Sasha Fierce when she wants to,

Stefani Germanotta puts on meat dresses when she's Lady Gaga,

And I'm pretty sure Madonna isn't walking around in her cone shape bras at home,

But that becomes their reality.

That's their part in the arena.

I can't help but wonder, what's yours?

I can remember when Eric, my now husband of 9 years, first took a MMA/kickboxing class that I led at the gym.

We'd been dating for about two months and knew it was getting serious between us.

I was excited he could come partake in something that I loved!

The class was packed and we sweat it out for an hour.

When I met him outside of the fitness studio afterwards,

He met me by saying, " Who are you?" with a huge smile on his face.

"What do you mean?" I innocently said.

"YOU AREN'T that way in REAL LIFE!"

Could you image if I met my co-workers, boss, the lady pouring my coffee at Starbucks with that same intensity?

They'd think I've gone savage!

But it's my responsibility to show up at my job,

My job to inspire, motivate, to start and finish strong,

My alter ego comes out.

I haven't quite found the right name for her yet.

But she represents off the charts energy, hawk like focus, protection of a mother bear, and an all out warrior in the area.

When I speak, coach, and write, every ounce of my being lives in my alter ego.

It switches when I pick up the microphone, click "Record", or answer the phone.

You gotta go outside yourself and go big to play!

What would be your trigger?

Is it when you arrive home and walk through the door?

Step into the gym?

Click play on a workout?

Open up a blank word document?

What switch can you flip?

And what accelerated version of yourself do you need to be to show up the way you want in your life?

Do you need to be more energized?




The power is completely within you, to change your life, and live your path of purpose.

Perhaps you just have to bring out a different side of you,

That's buried deep,

Because people told you that you're too much.


Turn it up.

Turn it on.

And go!

For help bringing out your alter ego, let's hop on a free 15 minute coaching call.

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