Why Show and Tell Isn't Just For Kids

Posted Jun 6th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

Why Show and Tell Isn't Just For Kids

I called in to the conference line ready to go.

My notebook was placed out, pen in hand, and the 17th draft of my story staring back at me from my counter top.

I worked really hard on it.

Recited it in the shower, on the elliptical, when I was home alone.

Even delivered it to 700 people for the first time to get the jitters out.

Practice makes perfect, or so I thought.

I felt pretty good about this story being my "signature story, " but I could never quite get why it didn't feel 100%.

"I watched your story and it didn't have any impact on me.

It was ' I am Lisa, look how strong I am, I want you to know that I struggled, but now I'm good. I have it all together, and I want you to as well.'


The story expert coach was right.

I was never able to see my writing and my delivery from another side.

"I'm being really hard on you. But it's because you remind me of me, and you have a lot of potential. Truth is, you don't want to truly get vulnerable."

Don't join a high level mastermind unless you are ready for million dollar worthy, explode your business, TRUE constructive criticism.

The problem with my story was that I put all the pieces together for you.

I told you who to like, what to think, what I felt, and what I wanted you to know about me.

I scripted it like a movie, carefully planning out each act.

The problem with that,

Is that we never really connect because you don't get to make those decisions in your own.

You never see a character on TV and they say, "I am the villain. I am very bad."

They blow up houses and kidnap children.

You make that decision not to like them on your own.

True connection is to tell the authentic truth, and then let you decide what you want to think, feel, and learn.

True connection is when you see yourself in my story, and I show you the real me.

It's not perfect. It's not scripted and delivered on point.

It's just real.

So I have some homework to do.

Re-write the mini chapters of my life and what got me to the point of saying enough is enough.

Because that's where the real change happens.

If you're looking for connection with your ideal client, start telling your stories.

Tell it like we are sitting around a campfire, like our ancestors did, and show people the REAL YOU.

Tell the stories you don't want to tell, but know you need to tell.

It will hurt, and it's messy, but it real.

I promise, standing in your truth and not caring what the audience thinks sets you free.

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