How I Went From Hate To Great With Prep

Posted Jun 28th, 2018 in Owning Your Choices

How I Went From Hate To Great With Prep

I swore off meal prep.

Nope, doesn't work for me.

It's so annoying.

It takes up too much time.

Just- WHY?

And then I looked in the mirror and I wasn't too happy about my expanding waistline.

I know, I know, I'm all for loving what you see, and it not being dependent on size,

But it doesn't mean you can't pull the trigger and say enough is enough from time to time.

Your happiness and health are everything.

So I decided to bring back the good old meal prep in our home on Saturday afternoons.

We go grocery shopping at the local markets Saturday morning when our son is at story telling class,

(Hooray for kid free grocery shopping)

So why not make it the next most logical thing to do.

See here's the thing.

When I don't meal prep, I find myself slapping together snacks as a meal (I do love me a good charcuterie board),

And feeding my kid pizza on the regular.

But then I tell myself, come on lady, you're better than that.

And when I have carrots, broccoli, chicken, shrimp, sweet potato, vegetable noodles, guacamole, cucumbers or whatever else is on the plan ready,

I eat it.

I aways feel better.

It's like exercise, or sometimes sex, I may not want to, but I never regret it. (Love you boo boo, that will teach you for not reading my blogs.)

I realized it's not meal prep that sucks, it's my attitude around it.

So instead of getting into the nitty gritty of what steps I take, I want to help you change your attitude.

1. Block the time in your schedule or hook it onto something like I did with grocery shopping. If it's expected, you may dread it less.

2. Plans something fun afterwards! We always go for a hike or out to the park after I'm done. Or maybe even plan a mani/pedi or nap afterwards.

3. Think of the money you're saving (less waste), the earth you're saving (less recycling) and the calories you're not consuming (goodbye mindless eating).

It's a win. win. win.

If you do want my "How To Make Meal Prep Less Sucky" PDF Guide" email me.

It's already landed into the inbox of 30 people, I'd love for you to be next!

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