My Money Making Mantra

Posted Jul 3rd, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

My Money Making Mantra

Our relationship with money is almost as important as the relationship with ourself.

Value, worth, having enough are powerful thoughts.

And the relationship we have with money, much like the one we have with ourself starts from when we're young.

I grew up in a blue collar working family.

My pop pop was a coal miner, my grandma quit grade school to work in a sewing factory,

And my other Italian grandparents owned a butcher shop and market.

My mom worked in a bank and then a school, and my dad held all sorts of jobs like carpenter, working in a paint factory,

And then became a corrections officer until he retired.

My dad told me that he always wanted to be a cop or work for the SWAT team, but my mom wouldn't let him.

It's too dangerous, said mom.

We always had enough growing up and money was really never my business. 

We lived modestly in very small town PA, a town where everyone knew everyone, and it seemed like everyone was doing enough just to get by.

Or maybe a little bit extra as I went to a private Catholic high school.

I believed money got you the things you wanted.

And it does.

But money blocks will prevent you from that next level.

When I first opened my business, I felt greedy asking for more money and charged peanuts for my services.

That led to frustration and burn out.

As I was still working full time a a Nurse Educator,

I had a big chunk of money saved.

I invested in my first high level mastermind with Brendon Burchard.

I wasn't quite prepared for the expenses with travel and retreats that year and I was always "chasing paying the credit card."

It was like that number haunted me until it was paid off.

I didn't want to live like that either.

I didn't want to be frustrated short changing myself, envious of other coaches success, or drowning in debt.

So I started to look into money mindset, money manta and manifestation work.

I read the book You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money and it changed the game for me.

I found myself saying "There is money all around me. I am open to receive."

Or my favourite,

"I'm a bad ass money making machine."

 I also started writing out my monthly income goals and then projecting how many people I had to help to get that.

Focus on the people, not the number.

My business is exploding this year and my husband just landed his absolute highest paying contract to date.

Money manifestation and mantras work.

Serving people, not things matters.

But start to dream big about all the things you'd have or do when you have limitless money.

We'd have a home in PEI and Italy with tons of outdoor entertaining space and drink the finest red wine.

I'd buy bikes, school supplies, farm animals, shoes, medicine and give to third world countries.

And I'd totally hire a chef to prep and cook all our meals.

It's fun to dream big.

So go on, and give it a try and then take action on your plan to make it happen.

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