Why I Never Feel Bad "Selling"

Posted Jul 10th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence

Why I Never Feel Bad

A strange thing has been happening to me this past week.

When I tell people I'm a business and wellness coach, they say GREAT!

But when I say I'm part of a network marketing business in Beachbody, and say,

"OOOOOhhhh.. what are you trying to sell me?"

One is my brand, one is an affiliate with someone else, and both serve clients when the time is right.

Selling is serving.

So where did this pushy stigma come from?

It comes from good people with good intentions, but people who aren't coming from a place of authenticity.

We all want money. Don't even try to argue that you wouldn't say yes to more money in your bank account each week.

You'd pay off debt, travel, contribute bigger, take care of your family, buy those things you dream of, live where you want, the list is endless.

But the truth is, not everyone wants your service or product, and it's not a right fit for everyone.

Your job isn't to convince someone that what you've got is the miracle pill that cures all their needs,

Your job is to live into your role as a teacher, mentor, or coach, put out really good content.

But your job is also to offer it to people AFTER you've built their trust.

Have you ever been at a seminar or speech and when the "pitch" starts to happen and you say to yourself, "well here we go."

It's because that speaker hasn't earned your trust yet. They haven't given you incredible value.

So I will always sell to you.

I will always make an offer.

Because if I don't, some other person is going to come in and muck it all up for me.

I have to pay for someone else's trigger happy approach, well intentioned or not.

I geek out weekly writing blogs, podcasting, going LIVE on Facebook, and emailing out weekly newsletters to my business and health list.

I show up 4 days a week giving completely free information for you to have an "a-ha" or start to follow the steps I lay out for you.

And my job isn't to get you to invest with me.

My job is to keep adding cracks in your dam of change, and when the flood gates blow, hopefully you'll come to me.

But if you don't, at least I played my part. Selling is serving when done right.

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