Why You Need a "Power Suit" in 2018

Posted Sep 1st, 2018 in Blog, Confidence

Why You Need a

The power suit.

"Often associated with Wall Street bankers, shrewd lawyers or brash businessmen, it’s a catch-all suggesting a confident look that demands respect."

I'm not a big suit wearer personally, but I definitely know what I don't want the opposite.

We've all experienced it.

Our clothing is either too small and we're picking, pulling, tugging, re-buttoning, unbuttoning.

Or it's too big and we've got saggy bum.

In the course of my life, I've been everything from a size 2-14, mega pregnant, and deflated.

But one thing I know is how I feel in my clothing is everything.

With my feet hitting the pavement, tunes in my ears, I was on a 5 mile run and getting increasingly frustrated that my pants kept falling down.

It changed the tempo of my breath and my mindset.

Why is it so damn hot?

Is that person looking at me pulling up my pants, huffing and puffing like a maniac.. no they are just watering their lawn.
I completely lost sight of what I was doing and why, because of my silly pants.

The next day I went to Winners (Kinda like the Target of Canada) and bought 2 new pants and 2 shirts,

And the first time I wore them was on a run at the beach in PEI for our family vacation.

My pants stayed put, and I watched the waves crash, licked the salty goodness off my lips, felt the soft sand under my shoes, and smashed my run.

You don't need to be a size 2.

You need clothing that fits and you feel good in, regardless of the size.

Yup, you heard me right, I'm giving you permission to go shopping if you need to.

And it's even backed by science.

Enclothed Cognition is defined as "the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes."

What you wear plays a role in how you feel.

Feeling low? Put on a nice shirt and slap on some red lipstick.

Need energy? Get a bright colour on?

Crave confidence? Put on your best outfit that makes you feel RAD.

For me, it's a great pair of heels!

You're enough, just as you are, but why not put a cherry on top and have some fun?





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