3 Ways to Manifest More Money

Posted Sep 20th, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

3 Ways to Manifest More Money

Front Row. Sam Smith.

It happened.

But it already happened in my mind long before our butts were in the seat.

We kept our phones down and eyes up, and it was one hell of a night.

Travel East to West in Canada, I just got the sand out of my suitcase to pack the winter hat.

PEI and Alberta, you were glorious.

Pay it forward?

Treated my girlfriend who flew in from California to several rounds of drinks.

I rarely buy coffee (yay to online, home businesses), but when I do, you best believe I'm paying for the person in front or behind me.

Money isn't icky and bad.

It's the

"I couldn't ever afford that",

"I'm an asshole for making this much. Who am I to deserve this?"

Or "I suck in my business/job/work and can't make more of it."


If you want to see more green and feel really good about it, 3 things need to change.


1. When "I could never afford that" strikes, think of whatever it is that you want already happening.

Your feet are in the sand on the beach you dream of. People are running to the back of the room lining up to buy your product.

You make a HUGE donation to a charity of your choice. You get a mani/pedi/massage and spoil yourself rotten at the spa.

It already happened. Keep playing that scene in your mind until it does.

Doubt moves out, dreams move in.


2. When the "I'm an asshole for making this much money. I don't deserve it" strikes you MUST pay it forward and love money again.

Leave a HUGE tip for a waiter. Buy someone a coffee. Upgrade someone's flight to first class.

Focus on all the reasons why you love money. It helps you travel, it gets you out of debt, you can take care of your parents, 

It allows you to do good in the world.


3. Lastly, when the "I suck in my business/work/job and can't make more money" strikes, you need mantras- quick!

"I'm a bad ass money making machine."

"There is money all around me."

"I love money and money loves me."


I know, it sounds crazy, but what's the alternative? Those limiting beliefs are just that.

You can earn more, do more good, and live a life you love.

So go manifest it.




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