Are You Transactional or Transformational? And Why It Matters in Business.

Posted Oct 9th, 2018 in Blog

Are You Transactional or Transformational? And Why It Matters in Business.

"I worry that my stuff isn't original" 

As a business strategist, I've heard that from clients many times.

As an entrepreneur, I've even thought it myself, when I was first starting out.

But here's the thing.

In the life coaching, wellness, business, thought-preneur, mom-preneur, dad-preneur, parent-preneur space, we share info.

But the ones who stand out,

Are the ones who are brave enough to go deep with their stories, frameworks, and content.

When you start out in business, it's natural to copy others.

You charge what they charge, design your courses or coaching like they do, maybe even write copy the same way and sound like them.

But the problem with "them" is that they are them, and you are you.

I would sound crazy if I started delivering my goods (social media, videos, newsletters, speeches, emails)

Like Bo Eason, Brendon Burchard or Chalene Johnson.

They have their ways and I have mine. Our concepts may be the same, but the delivery and processes are different.

When there is a misalignment in the delivery of your message, you could potentially lose the client and the future sale(s).

I can't tell you how many times with my first business in fitness, I ran campaigns around fitting into the "little black dress" or the "summer shred."

When really, my motivation was to have energy to run around with my toddler. To have a healthier relationship with fitness and food. 

When I stopped copying and pasting others inspirational quotes, and started to tell my stories, my business boomed.

There was a face, and a person, and an experience behind the products and programs, and to that people could relate.

Nobody cared about the packs or systems.

And if potential clients don't like your stories, then they aren't you ideal client.

And it's better off that uou don't work together.

Because that's going to cause a lot of stress on both parts.

Your stories help people self-select IN or OUT of your business.

But transactional entrepreneurs are never in it for the long haul.

They jump network marketing businesses. (I'm not judging as you have to do what makes YOU happy, but if you're on your 5th 2 years.. hmm..)

They quit writing, speaking, or coaching stating " It didn't work for me."

When the truth is, they never put in the effort to find their footing in the first place.

A transactional entrepreneur copies others, re-purposes others thoughts, beliefs, or systems, or simply shares facts.

A transformational entrepreneur shares personal stories.

They take a concept, make it their own, and share it in their own personal way.

The lead with solutions, not problems, and paint the picture of the outcome not the pain point.

Which one are you?

How original are your ideas?

If you're transactional, own it. I was that way for many years.

But have a little faith in yourself, your ability, and your expertise.

And make a change right now.

Start adding your personal stories, lead with solutions, and ultimately love on people.

Your clients are the lifeline of any business.

Show up as your most authentic and aligned self.




For help with your frameworks and stories head here.


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