How To End The Year in Productivity and Abundance

Posted Nov 26th, 2018 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

How To End The Year in Productivity and Abundance

Normally, I'm all about easing you into this, and being kind and gentle,

But to quote Daddy's Home 2, a recent family movie night favourite,

"It's time to bring down the hammer."

2018 isn't over yet, and we've got some work to do.

As soon as I say the word work, people go into crazy mode.

(So hang with me for a second.)

It's kinda like Black Friday when the fear of missing out hits,

And we think that we have accomplish everything we didn't do in 2018, in the last 4 weeks.

And we go insane for one week, and then burnout hits.

And burnout actually stems from not feeling in control.

Working yourself like a crazy woman or man isn't how to end the year strong.

I want you to end the year focused, productive, and abundant.

So we don't have time to mess around,

It's time to get clear.

I can remember in August, sitting at my first mastermind event with my mentor, Bo Eason.

And I'll never forget what he said.

"You have to kill Plan B."

If you have a plan B, you'll never execute on Plan A.

CHA CHING. Light bulb went off for me.

I was trying to be a Business and Wellness Strategist and Coach.

(Now I'm not saying you can't be both or an expert at 2 things)

But trying to be a jack of all trades, leads you to serving no one.

Because the market is confused.

"Do you help me with my health or my business? Ok, you can do both. What one do we tackle first? How does that work?"

Too many questions left my ideal buyers in an idle state.

And that wasn't ideal for me or them.

So I made that decision, that if it wasn't writing, speaking, or business and tech strategy and implementation, I wasn't putting my time or energy to it.

I was going DEEP instead of BROAD.

Since then, I've completely re-branded my website, present in front of crowds and convert weekly,

And I'm finally starting to see conversions on my weekly blog, podcast, and newsletters.

Lastly, I just had my first 10k month and 40k deal as I'm helping a client build her website, funnels, continuity programs and courses. 

I got really clear with the universe, and it delivered.

So what about you?

  1. What plan B do you need to eliminate?
  2. What are the thing(s) (for me it was speaking, writing, biz strategy/tech build) that you're going to OWN for the rest of 2018 and beyond?
  3. Who is going to benefit other than you?

Question number 3 is HUGE! 

Because on those days when doubt kicks in, or the launches fail, you need a reason outside of you.

I think about the one client we get to help (and the many others), but that one client and the ripple effect.

Because I killed Plan B,  I have the band with, the knowledge, and the energy to go all in for her.

And because of that, she will change lives, and that will change lives and it just keeps going.

I get to be a more patient and kind mom at home.

Abundance is in inside job.

So get to work.

I'm dropping the hammer on you.

But it was never about you.

It's about them. 

Go serve the people who need you.




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