My Greatest Lessons of 2018

Posted Dec 11th, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

2018 was good to me.

But it was the first year that I focused on gratitude and value. 

I took away all of the manifesting, and dream boards, and quite frankly, demands of the universe,

And replaced them with giving.

Giving without any expectation.

Podcast, blog, live videos, you tube, webinars, live speaking.

I made a big shift, away from health and fitness coaching, and dug deep to position myself as a business strategist.

I always knew growing up that I wanted to be a teacher.

I became a group fitness instructor, then I got my degree and became a RN educator,

But now I get to serve in the best way possible.

Teaching how to help people, help people, help people, with your message and knowledge, stories, through online courses, coaching, websites, funnels. 

I've always wanted to be a change maker, and I finally feel like I've found my purpose.

We've also broke ground, or should I say broke up our old deck, and started our dream backyard staycation plan with a hot tub, fire pit, lounging area, two tiered deck.

The hot tub is in.. and it's getting REAL!

This has been a dream for 4 years for my husband and I, ever since we've had our son.

And we've worked our ass off to make it happen.

But 2018, didn't come without heartache.

We struggled with Oliver, our son's, teacher at school as his confidence was taking a hit at 3 and a half, and he completely shut down to learning,

Because he wasn't in a supportive environment. (in JK!!!!!)

After many discussions with the principal, the teacher, the superintendent, we moved him to a different class and it's been one of the best decisions ever.

But I worried if I was making the right choice to step in.

There is no mamma code or book on parenting the tough decisions.

I gained 20lbs this year. I've yo'yoed the same 10-30 lbs the past two years and I won't even begin to make an excuse as to why that happened.

I'm moving less, eating more, and lost my self care focus, so that needs to change.

Change is the word for 2019. It's like 2018 was the warm up.

Here's what I learned:

1. When you stop nurturing yourself, the love dies.

Only recently since I've joined a gym and starting taking full blocked off time for myself (not trying to sandwich an at home workout in between meetings) have I felt more love for my husband, my son, our pets, friends, my clients. I'm honestly more loving and optimistic when I take care of myself. So don't lose your self care. It makes a BIG difference.

2. Stop being a people pleaser and worry about disappointing others.

I had so much guilt and shame and worry over moving away from health and fitness coaching. It just wasn't working. Financially it wasn't bringing in any ROI (after 7 years), and I felt like I was coaching out of expectation and obligation. My personal brand was doing well, but the network marketing side was falling short, and I felt defeated. I thought about what's worse. The pain of upsetting people or the pain of regret and defeat. Turns out, those were all irrational fears. No one is upset, and I'm in the best financial and freedom place I can be with my business coaching. So make a change. Tune into those gut feelings. You know if it's time to pivot or not and kill plan B.

3. Replace doubt with action.

My income has tripled this past year. But honestly the change has been all in my mindset. I just decided that I was worth it. And I decided that I, no one else, was the woman for the job, when it comes to helping clients. All the worry of, "Am I good enough, do I know enough, do I deserve this?" I squashed it. I speak with confidence. There are days when my doubt kicks in, but I replace the doubt with action. I go make another video, I book another speech, I make another connection on Linked In or Instagram. Doubt and inaction will be the main killer of your dreams. Go do SOMETHING. THAT MATTERS.




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