Why Pain Point Selling is Done.

Posted Dec 18th, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

I've had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of network marketers lately.

They want to break the stigma that network marketing is icky, salsey, pushy, and they want to know and do better.

When you realize that selling actually comes as a bi-product of service, it all makes sense.

The reality is, we don't want to be spammed.

We don't want to be added into groups we don't opt in for.

We don't want to hear about flashy deals.

We don't want to get the "Hey girl..." message from someone we haven't talked to since grade school.

We want to be educated, respected, and heard,

And we want to make our own moves.

The beauty of social media is that I know at least one person who is affiliated with leggings, shampoo, health and fitness products, makeup, nails, you name it!

Heck, there is even a network marketing business around wine! And Legal Insurance!

But your job isn't to sell me.

Whether it's in network marketing or as an entrepreneur, your job is to serve me.

The other day, I had a client book a strategy package with me after I led a workshop for 90 minutes.

I didn't "sell" a single thing. I just served the heck out of the small crowd.

She came up to me afterwards and said,

"I've been reading personal development books for the past year and they all say get a mentor. Well, I haven't found the right person all year until now.."

My "sales strategy" had nothing to with it. 

I didn't agitate any pain points.

Make her feel bad about what she doesn't have.

I simply showed her a better way, and educated her about what things could be if she took the right steps in her business.

SHE decided THIS was the right time and I was the right person.

I don't believe people make moves because of pain.

I think they see what you have and the feelings of joy it brings you, and they want that too.

They see that you've walked the walk and talked the talk, and they believe in you, your product, and your ability to deliver it.

Logic and information doesn't make us move.

But seeing joy in someone's face when they lose weight, wear cute leggings, DIY their own nails, have confidence with their thicker hair,

That moves people.

"That could be me! Why not me? She or he did it, so can I." 

So instead of pressuring people into conversations, groups, and purchases they don't want or need,

Walk the walk yourself.

Get vulnerable and share the story of where you were before and where you currently are now, and share every step of the way.

No one likes a Braggy McBraggerton...

They like watching you DO IT. LIVE IT. TRANSFORM before them, and have some damn passion about it!

I think one of the main reasons why people join network marketing is for the team, for the support, for the trips, and for the lifestyle.

But if you're always spamming people, or worse, you're always bragging and not teaching, you never let people see the true gold that you have.

As an entrepreneur, if you're always trying to guilt people into working with you, threatening the life they won't have because they are saying no,

Then you've completely are misunderstood in your job as an entrepreneur.

Our job is to make people's life better through our products and services.

Our job is to help them see the way, and get REALLY EXCITED about it.

Our job is to challenge them, in the most loving way possible and with permission, 

And our job is to give them the knowledge and power to make their own way.

What's the old saying?

"You catch more flies with honey than vinegar?"




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