The Movie in 2018 That Shook Me For Day

Posted Dec 21st, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

As a regular contributor to Thrive Global, I was asked to reflect on what movie had an impact on me (good or bad) in 2018.

The first movie that came to mind was a Star is Born.

I'm a tough movie critic.

Not only because I can't sit still, so for me to sit down and even watch one, it has to be good. 

But also, because I'm learning so much about personal story in Bo Eason's Warrior Mastermind.

I'm not only watching for entertainment, but also I'm studying characters and story telling.

Most movies (aside from a good Will Ferrel comedy), don't keep my attention.

But a Star is Born had me. 

The characters were so well played and the storylines of family dynamics, loneliness and rise of stardom, addiction, love, 

It kept my husband and I locked in.

But there was an overarching emotion and theme that shook me.


I don't claim to understand mental health completely, and I can't even being to speak about it. 

The loneliness of entrepreneurship, I'm sure, doesn't even come close to the loneliness of depression, suicide, loss or grief.

But it is painful to think about.

After Allie's manager told Jackson "He'd always hold her back" I knew what was going to happen.

I didn't want to watch, but through the tears streaming down our faces, my husband and I did.

I guess that's what makes a great movie; when you can't look away.

But it left me thinking about hopelessness.

Research studies say that hopelessness ranks higher in risk than previous attempts of suicide.

Meaning someone could try to take their life if they feel hopeless or like a burden.

And I know the holidays are tough.

So this season:

1. Check in more with the people you love.. and listen.

Be that friend or family member they can be real with. Sometimes it's not about saying the right thing or fixing. It's just about being present.

2. Volunteer or donate.

If it's not money or things, give your time. In a world where we need connection more than ever, go spend your time with others.

And give just a little to someone who has less than you.

3. Stop judging.

We're all human. We all make mistakes. We all have our hot buttons. But instead of reacting. Breathe.

My client Tauyna, who's a relationship expert and therapist is teaching me this.

Words matter, so be careful with them, especially this holiday season when tension can be high and you're spending time with people you maybe don't enjoy.

4. Get help if you need it.

I went to therapy for the first time ever 3 years ago, and although I haven't found the right therapist yet,

Those sessions helped me RELEASE so much guilt and shame, and gave me incredible perspective.

It gave me hope.

Make the call.

Hope is just a phone call away.

Hotline numbers are available based on your area.

(Or there is 9-1-1.)

You matter. You really, really do. XO




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