The 3 Hard Things I've Had To Face in 2019

Posted Jan 24th, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

The 3 Hard Things I've Had To Face in 2019

“You gotta have a focus point… focus point.”

As Billy Blank used to shout at me from the TV.

The sweat would be dripping and I’d think I’m done,

But “focus point” made me dial it in just a bit more.

Wasn't Tae Bo the best?

It made me think about a focus word.

A concept I've heard from a mentor, Brendon Burchard, a few years ago.

3 words to describe who you want to be.

And 3 words to describe how to want to be with others.

Today I had a call with my sisterhood.

My sisterhood are 3 fellow women entrepreneurs, in the wellness, leadership, self-love, and high performance space, who I can be real with.

We met through network marketing, but our bond became deeper when we realized how we could serve the world together with our personal brands.

We asked each other about our words today.

Mine was JOY.

Having a focus word for the year grounds me.

It’s like a guiding compass for the choices I make each day.

Now that’s not to say everyday will be rainbows and sunshine,

And I’ll never experience sadness, or conflict, or pain,

But when I can't trust my gut, I go to my question.

Will this bring me joy?

There's 3 difficult things I've had to face already in 2019:

1) Conversations with coaches and mentors that didn't deliver what they promised.

It's never easy to give constructive criticism or hold people accountable.

I'm the kind of girl who would NEVER send back her food at a restaurant, even if it was over or under cooked, or simply not what I ordered.

But when you don't speak up, you AND the person can't learn and grow.

They may take your criticism and not change anything, but I'm learning that when I speak up, it takes the anger and frustration off of my back.

I can forgive, chalk it up to experience, and know that I've spoken my truth about my experience.

2) Working with partners or clients who's values don't align with mine.

So many entrepreneurs just want to make a quick buck, put out crap (knowing it's crap), or just plain LIE about what they are doing.

We think the world is a big place,

But integrity, respect, and trust are everything and it can be lost in a second.

I firmly believe everyone operates on their own moral compass, but if ours don't align, we can't partner or work together.

3) I don't give people second chances, and maybe I should.

When I feel wronged, betrayed, discarded, or made fun of, it triggers things from my past.

And I have immediate eject button.

Bye Felicia.

No more friendship, working relationship, time, energy, F*&ks given.

I often joke with my husband because he gives people 100 chances.

We have to find the happy medium, but honestly I feel it's situational.

Lord knows, I've been a jerk, hurt people's feelings, or acted out of character.

No one is perfect, so I'm learning to "agree to disagree," forgive, and compromise.

2019 is all about finding my power and my path.

It's trusting my gut instinct.

JUST GOING FOR IT. ( And I have lots of ITS this year!)

Honouring my truth. 

Making time for hobbies, and friendship, and nature.

Working really smart and focused on the things that matter.

And being KIND to the people along the way.

That's my JOY.

How about you? What's your word and why?

Comment below.





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