Authenticity and Illuminate- My Two Words for 2019

Posted Jul 3rd, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

Being in two #1 Amazon Best Selling Books wasn't on my 2019 plan.

But holy guacamole, did it change the game this year for me.

I was hitting a serious funk in my business in the Fall of 2018.

I wasn't feeling my network marketing business anymore.

I was also hosting monthly workshops, teaching my ass off, to people who never intended to hire me,

At a studio where I couldn't control the marketing.

The days of the workshops came and I didn't even want to go!

The audience, in the nicest way possible, was what I call "askholes."

They milk you dry of everything you know, but never intend to work with you.

Lastly, I was attracting clients who's expectation was to make a million dollars overnight and live that "laptop lifestyle,"

That everyone seems to be talking about online these days.


Was all I kept thinking.

I wasn't feeling authentic in my business, and I certainly wasn't illuminating myself or anyone else for that matter.

Hence the attraction of ALL the wrong people, places, and things.


But I found it so easy to blame. 

THEY are the wrong people, THEY have the wrong mindset, THEY aren't workers,

I realized I can't control THEM.

And I don't want to.

That's a game I don't want to play.

So I took my ball, and I left the blame, shame, and anger sandbox,

And I started playing in my own.

1. I controlled my messaging.

I started to set aside time to re-write my own copy and content on my website, with things that mattered to me.

I was so busy making everyone else's copy and content sound amazing that I neglected my own.

I followed suit on my own website saying "make six and seven figures. Work from home. Make money while you sleep." Blah Blah Blah.

Was that really what I was about?

No, it wasn't.

I'm about finding your voice, your talents, your skills, and running a conscious, connected business that helps humanity.

Are you speaking the truth?

I don't give a flying F about how much money you make.

When you serve others and give value, the money comes.

2. I controlled my marketing.

If I was going to be spending time.. away from my home which I love, away from my son, away from my hobbies,

Then it better be in front of the right people.

I starting making content on my podcast, blog, live videos, and newsletter of the real deal of entrepreneurship, the ups and down, 

And I starting giving away the steps to take to get what you want.

Many "experts" claim they give you the strategy and tools, but they don't.

If you listen to a video or walk away from a talk and don't know the first step to take to put the plan into action, the presenter has failed you.

When I started to OWN my messaging, my marketing, and walked away from the businesses and places that no longer served me, 

I started attracting the right people.

That's how Powerful You Publishing found me, the publishers of my first best seller that launched May 28, 2019,

"The Beauty of Authenticity, Embracing Your Truth to Live a Life of Meaning,Purpose and Grace."

And I got connected to a second publisher, Kate Butler Books, who is publishing my second book,

Women to Illuminate that will launch August 28, 2019.

Projects and people that I was passionate about starting finding ME.

And that's the beauty of authenticity, illumination, and alignment.




Pick up a signed copy of my book, "The Beauty of Authenticity" HERE!

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