Eight Seconds is The Time Frame To Master in Business

Posted Aug 27th, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog

The attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. You've probably heard this before. Humans....eight seconds.

In eight seconds, we move onto the next shiny object. In eight seconds, we lose our train of thought.

In eight seconds, we decide if we're going to stay with this idea or image, or move onto the next.

In not a big surprise that the research is telling us this is the most distracted time in history.

I can't help but wonder is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I recently joined a boxing studio. The gym I was at, just wasn't doing it for me.

There were a flock of women always on the cardio machines looking like NFL cheerleaders, and a buff band of men always eyeballing me on the weight racks and machines. Not to mention the 50 TV's and screens everywhere I turned.

Somehow I'd get caught watching America's Funniest Home Videos instead of doing one more rep on the leg press machine.

One night after being told I couldn't work in on the machines with the buff band, I decided to Google boxing studios. I found a few, checked out their websites and then realized that I had to get dinner on the table.

After dinner and getting Oliver to bed, I jumped on FB. There I saw an ad for a local boxing studio. Saw the offer for a free class, thought about it, and closed out FB. Spent some time with Eric, and right before I put my phone on airplane mode for the night, I went on Instagram. There I saw the boxing studio ad AGAIN.

I went in the next day, took a free class, was hooked, and signed up for the year.

This is the client path.

Google (SEO for the win)

Website (FB pixel and Google Analytics for the win)

Retargeted by FB (thanks Pixel)

Compelling Offer (Good job boxing studio)

Instagram Retarget (Pixel for the win)

Easy sign up process and great experience.

These are the key elements you want in your business. It's a marketing fact that 27% of users will skip a video if it plays an ad before the promised content. 

You've got to cut to the chase and make it good. I found exactly what I needed on their website and social channels and saw the offer 3 times before I took action. I think that the world being distracted is a good thing for my business, because I have ways to stay in contact, give the goods, and be in constant conversation. How about you?




Not sure how the heck to make a compelling offer, have the right SEO in your business, or set up FB Pixels, Google Ads, or re-marketing and retargeting?

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