September is The New January

Posted Sep 3rd, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence


We felt it this morning from our 5 year old. His first day of 1st Grade.

The leap from Kindergarten to Grade 1, we're told is huge. Less play time and more structured learning.

But we send Oliver off with the same message to every first day, every play date, every sporting practice,

"Do your best, have fun, you've got this, dude."

Even in the midst of doubt, worry, and his tears.

I couldn't help but wonder if our days were the same today.

I believe September (or whenever the start of school is) is the new January when you have kiddos. New beginnings, new goals, new dreams.

A little apprehension, fear, and the desire to take on something new. Whether you like it or not.

Even though Oliver said, "I don't want to go" a thousand times, not going today wasn't an option. 

As I sent him off, I came home ready to go. Here's how I've set myself up to have the best month yet, and it starts with my focus.

1. You can do it all, just not all at once.

I have a big presentation coming up at the end of September where I get to make an offer from stage. It takes practice and discipline to be a good speaker and it's an even bigger art to get out of your own way and authentically make an offer. So that's my focus. Not the membership program that I want to launch, not creating an audio program for my best selling books, not even launching our mastermind. I'll tackle them in each quarter, for now it's the speech.

What's your MAIN focus this month and main business output the moves the needle?

2. All work and no play makes for a miserable Lisa.

Joy was my word of 2019, but when I look back, I've been insanely busting my butt. I don't dislike the word hustle as many do, and I'm really not a fan of balance either, but I have realized that Sundays the phone needs to go away, we need to travel more as a family and not just for speaking engagements and masterminds, and the books ends of the day need to be sacred. It's not about jamming in one more to do, its about rest, recovery, family and moments of fun.

3. I have time.

Transitions are necessary and it's OK to take time and space. Exercise is a non-negotiable for me and I'm glad I've found a local boxing studio that I love. Meditation fuels my monkey mind, so it has to happen first if I want the day to start right. I don't have to get up and start tackling my business. I don't have to eek out every second and fill it with something. I don't have to change the entire world in one day. I have time and space to create, love, and breathe. A movement mentor of mine made me say this over and over and it's always stuck with me.

Which message did you need to hear most today? I find I'm constantly reminding myself of these each week. 





Speaking of time.. Are you running the day or is it running you? Each September, January, and June I re-visit my empowerment planner. It helps me focus on the necessary and re-visit how I'm spending my time. It's a PDF planner for just a few bucks that makes a HUGE difference. Check it out here!


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